It's the time of year when all you want to do is incorporate halloween candy into your diet some way or another. Snickers, Twix, Reese's, you name it. Lucky for you the Brewmasters and Brewers of Devils Backbone have crafted some brilliant halloween candy and beer pairings for you (21 and over of course). So get your sweet tooth ready for these delicious combos:

Golden Leaf Lager and Candy Corn

Melinda Kauffman

This one is brought to you by founding brewmaster Jason Oliver. Jason says that "the vanilla notes in the candy corn play well into the bready notes of the Gold Leaf. They almost combine to form a cake-like taste effect." I'm not a huge candy corn fan, but this cake-like taste sounds amazing. If you love the Gold Leaf lager grab some candy corn and let us know what you think. Fun fact: Jason says: "I love candy corn. I stick them on my teeth making fake teeth to look like a hillbilly. Lots of fun."

Trail Angel Weiss and Pumpkin Peeps

Melinda Kauffman

This power couple is brought to you by brewmaster Josh French and I've never had pumpkin peeps but I'm already excited for this one. According to this brewmaster "the bubble gum and clove flavors in our Trail Angel Weiss pair great with the marshmallow sweetness. The nice round mouthfeel of the beer will also help accentuate the silky smooth mouthfeel of marshmallow. Lastly, the slight bitterness from the hops will help even out the super sweet sugar coating." Nothing sounds better than a mouthful of beer and pumpkin peeps, it's like a Halloween Party in your mouth!

Vienna Lager and Caramel Chews

Melinda Kauffman

Next up is the award winning Vienna Lager that we all know and love. What could possibly pair with this amazing beer you ask? Well according to brewer Aaron Reilly, "the caramel and toast flavors in the beer highlight the caramel in the candy, while the carbonation, crisp finish, and subtle hop notes refresh the palate after the sweetness." Sounds like a caramel-lovers dream!

Schwartz Bier Black Lager and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Melinda Kauffman

Last but not least Aaron Reilly brings us this final pairing that just may take the cake. Reese's may or may not be my favorite candy, ever, but Reilly says "the clean, light body of Black Lager keeps the pairing from being too heavy and the roasty cocoa and coffee notes from the beer’s malt complement the chocolate and peanut butter." I'm drooling just thinking about this one.

So there you have it! Try them out, talk it over with some friends and let us know which halloween candy and beer pairing is your favorite! 

**All photos from Devils Backbone Brewing Company