I've never had a sip of soda and wished it tasted like food. But, Pepsi don't cur. Recently, the brand dropped Pepsi Christmas Cola, and supposedly, it tastes just like cake. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately), you can only get this soda in Japan, where its flavor actually ties to the local Christmas tradition of eating strawberry shortcake with whipped cream. And yeah, that sounds like an awesome tradition that I could totally get behind, but maybe not in the form of a soda.

Beyond the taste, the drink looks similar to the 90s classic Crystal flavor, but with more of a white-ish hue. According to Extra Crispy, it's a "translucent take on 'white' Pepsi." Just think about that for a minute... Nope. 

But if you now know all the details and are still thinking that this sounds like a good idea for a beverage, you can head to Japan starting Nov. 21 and pick yourself up a bottle. But, don't say I didn't warn you.