We’ve reached the age where it’s no longer cool to fantasize about living like our favorite childhood television characters anymore. We’ve traded in Disney Channel for Netflix subscriptions, and 90’s classics are now just a mere distant memory… or are they?

It’s cool to imagine existence within our favorite TV shows, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, sometimes all we really dream of is kicking back with our own crews like they do on-screen. Fortunately for us, while the shows we love won’t ever actually be real, Penn State does have some pretty close replicates of our favorite TV hangouts to make us feel like we are in on the action. So take a break from your Netflix queue and go grab some friends, because what you’re about to read is, wait for it… legendary.

Friends – Saint’s Cafe as The Central Perk

We may be far from New York City, but tucked away on W. Beaver Ave, you can almost envision Gunther, the socially awkward barista from Friends, serving behind the counter at Saint’s Cafe. High-top tables and comfy couches will make you feel like you’re really a part of the show— it’s like all that’s missing are Ross and Rachel. Bring the set to life with a fresh cup of coffee and a group of friends. Just don’t start singing “smelly cat”.

Glee – Rotelli’s as Breadstix


Photo by Bari Blanga

Known best for its unlimited baskets of breadsticks, Glee characters can always be found at Breadstix, the local Italian restaurant that serves all its entrees with a side of drama. Channel your inner Rachel Berry at Rotelli’s, State College— Penn State’s go-to pizza and pasta restaurant, located on East Calder Way. If their Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese doesn’t make you want to burst out in song, nothing will.

How I Met Your Mother – Pickle’s Bar and Tap Room as MacLaren’s Pub


Photo by Jenna Rosen

Kick back like the cast of How I Met Your Mother at Bill Pickle’s Bar and Tap Room on South Allen Street. All you’ll need is a pint of beer and a basket of peanut butter wings to make you feel like you’re sharing a drink with Barney and Robin. The laid-back atmosphere and lineup of regulars are what make Pickle’s our very own version of MacLaren’s Pub. So what you are waiting for? Suit up!

Orange is the New Black – Findlay Commons as The Prison Cafeteria


Photo by Jenna Rosen

Those of you who lived suffered in East Halls know what it’s like to eat at Findlay Commons. For those of you who haven’t, an episode of Orange is the New Black will give you the idea. Don’t let Findlay’s close resemblance to a prison cafeteria confuse you— they’re students, not inmates. A swipe into Penn State’s most notorious dining hall guarantees all the fixings you’d expect, from questionable breasts of chicken to overcooked carrots. Thankfully, there’s unlimited frozen yogurt…but that’s pretty much the only thing Findlay’s got going for itself.

SpongeBob SquarePants – Burger King as the Krusty Krab

Your pants may not be square, but if your appetite is big, I’d suggest heading over to Burger King, located in the HUB. Satisfy the craving for a Krabby Patty with a flame grilled, Whopper burger. To really get the Krusty Krab experience, chow down at a table near the fish tanks. Squint hard enough, and you JUST might see Squidward playing the clarinet. If only we could all live in pineapples under the sea…

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