I'm just going to put this out there—Target has all the best stuff. It's why we go in for a couple of things and leave with 20 things. It's why I've spent countless Sundays roaming the aisles wondering where the time has gone. But hey, here's something I'm going to be throwing into my cart on my way to the check out: Peanut Brrr-ittle M&M's. 

Yes, Target is selling Peanut Brrr-ittle M&M's for the holiday season, and according to Instagram user @junkbanter, it looks like the average peanut M&M. But, average it is not. Upon first taste, JunkBanter says that "the sweetness in Peanut Brrr-ittle M&M’s is a deeper, darker one like brown sugar. It tastes nutty, slightly caramelized, [and] roasty."

The packaging features Yellow Peanut literally freezing (Brrr... Get it?) and the candies are coated in red and green. As Target describes them, you can "create a fun and jolly look by layering candy in a clear jar or dish," but I say you just eat these straight out of the bag. In my apartment, that'd be a cute, festive look for a hot minute before they're all gone. 

Other holiday M&M flavors being advertised include Caramel, White Peppermint, and Holiday Mint. You can also get these three flavors at Target, because like I said, Target is the best.