Have you ever wished you could eat PB&Js all day? Well we did! In honor of National PB&J day, celebrated each year on April 2nd, we spent the whole day eating PB&J, and PB&J inspired goodies, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert and snacks. Read on to find out how you too can eat PB&Js all day right here in Boston! Apologies in advance to all of those with nut allergies.


Isabelle Maingot

For breakfast we started slow with mush ready to eat overnight oats. These are available at most grocery stores and come in a variety of flavors. We got ours at Target! To stay true to the day, we got the PB&J flavor which featured oats soaked in a peanut butter base and sweetened with dates, with freeze dried strawberries mixed in. 

Price: $2.49


Isabelle Maingot

For lunch, or maybe more of a brunch, we headed over to Life Alive for their PB&J acai bowl. The bowl had an acai base, and was topped with a hefty scoop of peanut butter, fresh strawberries, crunchy peanuts and house-made granola.

Price: $12.50

Though we have not tried it, another option for colder days would be Paris Creperie's PB and Slay Crepe, a chocolate Crepe, topped with Strawberry Jam, Bananas and Peanut Butter.


Isabelle Maingot

Picked up at Whole Foods Market, our snack was a PB&J inspired Larabar. A date based bar with crunchy peanuts and cherry mix ins, this bar is sure to give you a good pick-me-up throughout a long day, while satisfying your PB&J cravings.

Price: $1.79

Other honorable snack mentions include: Bobo's PB&Js, PB&J Frooze Balls, Trader Joe's PB&J Bars and Trader Joe's PB&J snack duos. And we can't write about PB&Js without honoring the classics: Uncrustables and Goober PB&J Spread


Isabelle Maingot

For dinner, we recommend using this guide to treat yourself to a traditional PB&J sandwich. The guide will point you to the perfect PB&J in Boston, based on your bread, peanut butter and jelly preferences, and of course, your budget. Pressed Cafe, Flour Bakery, Kupels, and South End Buttery are just few of the locations that you can pick up a fresh PB&J in Boston. Don't be afraid to order off of the kid's menu!

Price: $5 to $13


Isabelle Maingot

For our last meal of the day, we headed over to Fomu for a PB&J inspired and fully vegan ice-cream sandwich. Though not technically on the menu, Fomu offers build-your-own cookie ice-cream sandwiches, and isn't half the joy of a good PB&J making it yourself? Here's our concoction: strawberry ice cream, sandwiched between two peanut butter cookies. An almost inverted PB&J, where the PB becomes the bread.

Price: $8.95

That concludes our guide to PB&J All Day. Whether you're up to the challenge of eating PB&J all day, or simply want to use this guide as a reference to pick up one or two treats to celebrate the national holiday, we wish you all a very happy national PB&J day!