Paula is a legend. Her impact is life changing and she has changed the world forever. Paula Deen continues to inspire me every day, and it’s safe to say that she truly is my #WCW.

1. Her style is unreal.

Her polyester blouses, lush grey layers, and pearls make me weak. Her Southern hospitality immediately comforts me when I look at her. She even has a book about her Southern charm interior design—how chic!

2. Her accent.

Her accent is warm, fuzzy, inviting, and loving.  Every time I hear her say "y'all" my heart truly skips a beat. The way she pronounces "butter" is enough for me to forget about all of the health problems that come with it. Groundbreaking. 

3. She's turning into a health icon.

This picture speaks for itself.

4. She teaches us all the importance of balance.

Here's another Deenism that changed my life forever: "You don't want to make a steady diet of just lettuce. You don't want to make a steady diet of fried chicken." Truly iconic and revolutionary.  

5. She's a feminist legend.

She built an empire based on a stereotype. She's a marketing genius. She built her own empire, and made herself a household name by doing what she loved.

6. She proves that anyone can learn from their mistakes.

Let's be real, our girl Paula has had her fair share of scandals.  Because of this, she was dropped from numerous business deals, and her reputation was tarnished.

She learned from her mistakes, and can now be used as an example of what NOT to say/do, especially as a public figure. She taught America to be more careful about their words, which is so important. 

7. She is a true rags-to-riches story.