Food can be an art; just look at the abundance of Instagram accounts that are dedicated to so many different types of foods—from ice cream and cookies, to cheese and pasta. If you love to scroll through pictures of food all day, and if you love pasta, then read on to find some amazing pasta Instagram accounts to follow today.  

1. @saltyseattle

This account clearly shows pasta as a true work of art. Linda Miller Nicholson, the mastermind behind these beautiful creations, makes her own colorful pasta by using plant-based dyes such as turmeric, parsley, and butterfly pea flowers. Check out this video that shows her making some of her masterpieces.

2. @anthonyandiario 

Are you into a more simple feed of pasta pictures and videos? Anthony Andiario is the chef for you. He presents the peaceful and calm process of making pasta, and displays his final creations in beautiful shapes in their original color.

3. @miyukiadachi

Miyuki Adachi is another food artist who shows short but mesmerizing videos of her creating her own pasta shapes using various everyday and uncommon tools (like a DIY wooden pasta spiralizer). You'll be obsessed with watching all of her inventions at work. 

4. @pasta

If you just want to look at various pictures of pasta dishes, then follow @pasta, which is owned by @infatuation. This account is absolutely pasta heaven. 

5. @Inspiralized

The account, @inspiralized, takes a healthier spin on making pasta by using vegetables to make the noodles. This isn't exactly "pasta," but it's a yummy pasta substitute that's low on carbs and very healthy. And, these dishes looks like the real carby thing!

6. @eatbanza

Pasta has been made using flour and water, vegetables, and now, chickpeas. Yes, you heard right. Banza creates pasta made from chickpeas and sells them to the public. This is another healthy alternative to actual pasta if you're trying to eat less carbs and more fiber and protein. 

7. @rpspasta

For those who can't consume gluten, have no fear because RP's Pasta Company creates gluten-free pasta. This account still succeeds in capturing all pasta lovers with displaying its amazing gluten-free dishes. 

It's easy to get distracted looking at all types of food on your Instagram feed, and pasta is no exception. So grace your feed with these beautiful pasta works of art and follow these amazing pasta Instagram accounts.