You want to know a secret? I've never had coffee before. Yes, I know. I've gone 21 years without having the drink that so many people can't seem to live without. It's a choice I've made and one I don't see changing. However, I am a tea drinker and enjoy a nice up every now and again. Partners Coffee, based in Brooklyn, NY, recently launched its premium tea line and I had a chance to try some of the flavors and you need to too!

Partners Coffee Premium Tea Line

Partners Coffee latest premium tea includes four calming flavors: Moroccan Mint, Partners Breakfast, Lemon Ginger and Apple Cider. Each blend is sustainably sourced and each box contains 16 sachets. 

Here's a description of each of the flavors from the brands website:

Apple Cider - Delicate blend of rooibos, apple and spices. (Note: This flavor is caffeine free.) 

Moroccan Mint - Classic blend of gunpowder tea and mint is celebrated in the cup with a deep balanced green tea body anchored by fresh, cool mint. 

Partners Breakfast - Mellow and smooth with creamy malt notes and a sweet delicate spice undertone.

Lemon Ginger - Balanced blend of sweet green tea with immunity-boosting ginger and a burst of citrus. 

Interested in trying the tea? Each box is available HERE for $10.50.