Partake Foods recently increased their offerings from five cookie flavors to eight, after announcing three soft baked cookies. On April 8, they released a soft baked version of the crunchy chocolate chip cookies, in addition to two new flavors – Cookie Butter and Triple Chocolate.

I wrote about the crunchy cookies in November, so when a representative reached out to ask if I wanted to try the new flavors, I couldn't say no. Partake's allergen-friendly products are perfect for someone like me who can't eat three of the most common allergens. 

Additionally, the boxes that the cookies come in are 100% recyclable, and a portion of the proceeds from each box is donated to charities working to help food insecure children. All Partake products are gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and free from the top- 8 allergens. 

Chocolate Chip 

This is the Chips Ahoy Chewy cookie, but for those of us with dietary restrictions. It's soft and chewy, with lots of chocolate chips. They are a nice golden brown color and the chocolate chips poke out from all angles. 

Arguably, the Chocolate Chip cookies from Partake are better because they taste like real food, and not just processed ingredients. These cookies are sweet, but not too sweet and there are no artificial sweeteners, only organic cane sugar, and organic brown sugar in them. 

Cookie Butter

Hello, holiday season! With a bit of a gingerbread hint, the Cookie Butter cookies are the perfect treat on a cold day. They are made with a six-ingredient spice blend which gives the little cookies a lot of flavor. Each one is topped with come caramelized sugar for a slight crunch. 

Partake founder Denise Woodard wrote that her inspiration for the Cookie Butter flavor came from wanting to find an allergen-friendly treat similar to Biscoff cookies and Trader Joe's Cookie Butter. These certainly do the trick and provide a cleaner version of the well-known flavor.

Triple Chocolate

Unlike the picture on the box, the Triple Chocolate cookies don't have colored chocolate pieces on top. They are chewy chocolate cookies with regular chocolate chips on top and mixed in. 

The cookies aren't very sweet, but they have a good chocolate flavor and lots of chocolate chips. They are similar to the Partake Double Chocolate Chip cookies, but the soft baked ones have a stronger chocolate flavor. Anyone with dietary restrictions who is looking for a chocolate cookie should stop right here.  

Partake products are available in stores across the country, and on their website. Some products are currently backordered, but customers can purchase individual flavors, or variety and family packs. Partake products are also available at Kroger, Fresh Direct, and Whole Foods stores.