This Valentine’s Day is a big one for me. February 14, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of me not having a Valentine!

For the eternally single, like myself, this day can quickly plummet into a pity party. But instead of putting on the rom-com and uncorking a bottle of vino for one, I think it’s time we celebrate a new holiday for all the ladies: Galentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day is a holiday made up by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. Thanks to this genius woman, February 13th is now the day to celebrate your gal pals. It’s when we all leave our significant others, and others who aren’t so significant, in order to show our lady friends some love.

On the show, this incredible holiday is celebrated over brunch. But, come one, we’re college students. It would be a shame to not take this no-boys-allowed party to the next level. Here are some suggestions for how to throw a perfect Galentine’s Day bash to celebrate the ladies that always have your back.

valentine's day

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1. Wine

valentine's day

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Wine, of course, is a must. And, if you can, splurge a little on a decent bottle because you deserve it. Google how to do a wine tasting and pretend you know what it means for a wine to be “earthy.”

2. Cheese

valentine's day

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Because nothing goes better with wine than a good cheese. Pair some brie with your white or cheddar with your red. Study up for the big day with this Wine and Cheese Pairings 101 article.

3. Appetizers

valentine's day

Photo by Maya Krasnow

Has there ever been a better time to eat with your hands? Go ahead and fill up on all 15 of these appetizers and then wipe the grease on your sweatpants. Your friends won’t judge. And neither will the wine.

4. Chocolate

valentine's day

Photo by Alison Mally

There’s no better way to celebrate estrogen than by stuffing your face full of copious amounts of chocolate. Stay away from the cheesy heart shapes, and instead embrace the single life by making these slutty brownies.

5. Treat yo’ self

Paint your friends’ nails, get your T-Swift on and do facials made out of avocado and oatmeal. Celebrate being a lady with your ladies.

Not into Valentine’s Day but into Valentine’s Day food? We get that.