Part of watching your favorite TV show is being able to connect to the characters. It's fun to think about what it'd be like in a day in the life of a Parks and Rec employee. But, what if they came to us? Where would our favorite Parks and Rec characters eat if they were to visit Harrisonburg? 

We've lived vicariously through our favorite Parks and Rec characters as they enjoyed themselves at places like JJ's Diner, or Paunch Burger. While we may not access to some of Pawnee's best food spots, Harrisonburg has an array of locations that our favorite characters would undoubtedly fall in love with. 

Ron Swanson - Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint

Jennifer Tran

Not only does this man claim to consume an entire shelf of alcohol each night, he is a meat-lover. Such a combination belongs right in Harrisonburg's Jack Brown's. It's unique burger creations are sure to satisfy even the hard-to-please Ron Swanson.

April Ludgate - The Breakfast Bus

It's a school bus, it's purple, and it's a restaurant (or as they call it, "bustaurant"). Similar to April, the Breakfast Bus is little outside of the box, but you can't help but love it. You can order your food to-go, or stay inside and eat on the classic school bus style seats.

Donna Meagle - Local Chop & Grill House

Three words: Treat Yo Self

The perfect place to enjoy some of the finer things in life is located right here in Harrisonburg, VA.

Andy Dwyer - Billy Jack's Wing and Draft Shack

Alexa Kelly

Sticky nugs - a little messy, but loads of fun - just like Andy. Billy Jack's sticky nugs are a favorite among JMU students, who love the house-made sauces that accompany the nugs!

Tom Haverford - J-Petal

It's fresh. It's new. It's entertaining. What does Tom Haverford love more than a little 'milk on the rocks'? J-Petal serves both Japanese Crepes, which are gluten free, and Thai ice cream, which is uniquely rolled to perfection and topped with an abundance of sweets! 

Ann Perkins - Bella Gelato & Pastries

Alexa Kelly

Whether she's just having a date with Leslie, or just trying to satisfy those pregnancy cravings, a little gelato will solve it all. It's the perfect location for a little "Galentine's Day" dessert! See some examples of their flavors in this Spoon article.

Ben Wyatt - Benny's

Olivia Johnson

Their jumbo slices of pizza might just be more impressive than his beloved calzones. From the classic flavors like cheese and pepperoni, to the special monthly flavors, Ben Wyatt's Italian food dreams would come to life at Benny's

Chris Traeger - Pulp

Nothing a health nut likes better than a good ol' acaí bowl. Chris is all for satisfying his sweet tooth with a savory dose of nature's candy!

Leslie Knope - James Madison University

Not only is E-hall brunch a favorite spot in our little Harrisonburg community, but the freshly made waffles might just give JJ a run for his money. Toppings range from marshmallows, blueberries, to chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. Still not enough? Add some vanilla ice cream from the dessert section!