For the past 11 years, Chili's, the popular American restaurant chain has banned Pam Beesly, played by actress Jenna Fischer, from its establishments nationwide. Since then, the Office star has kept a low profile around their famed potato skins and buffalo wings. However, recently Fischer gave new life to the fans' purest fantasies, posting a picture of herself in front of one of the restaurant. Here's everything you need to know about Pam's 11 year Chili's ban, and what actually went down.

What You Missed if You Missed It

For those of you who don't know, The Office US was a spinoff of the original British version and followed the lives of blue collar office employees working for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Though the show lasted nine years, it will live in our stock paper hearts forever.

Besides all the hilarious times the show brought to fans across the country, we're all here to talk about Pam. Pam Beesly started off as a secretary with dreams of becoming an artist and is basically all of us when it comes the age-old task of adulting.

Manager Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) then announces the 8th annual Dundie Awards, a take on an awards ceremony in a light-hearted and funny way to "boost office moral." As with every year, the exclusive event hosted by Chili's was accompanied with monologues and gag awards like "The Don't Go in There After Me Award" and "Fine Work." While these are all great, the most important part is when Pam wins the "Whitest Sneakers Award".

Pam Wins the "Whitest Sneakers Award"

Basically, Pam is the new queen of Dunder Mifflin and in the process gets pretty drunk off Chili's margaritas and stolen drinks from other tables. She takes her victory and goes to town, with Jim staying behind to catch her when she falls.

After an evening of dancing along to Michael's versions of "Tiny Dancer" and "I've Had the Time of My Life", the workers catch wind to her drunken behavior and well, the rest is pretty downhill. She takes her victory and goes to town, with Jim staying behind to catch her when she falls.

Beesly Gets Banned

While in the moment this definitely imposed upon the future of the Dundies, Beesly seemed to just let it roll off her back. There's never been a happier gal to run out of the to-go door, clenching her coveted Dundie. 

A Chili's employee even stated, "This young woman was sneaking drinks off of other people's tables," to slide through their "strict policy not to over serve." 

Despite the fact that Pam got her license scanned in order to make this ban official, she had the night of her life, and that's really all that matters. What also matters here is that 11 years later, Jenna Fischer comes back to shake the entire internet.

Beesly's Back in Town

Breaking News

Once this hit Twitter on February 6th, it went viral. Fans everywhere were shook to the core, and it even harnessed retweets and comments by her costars, including John Krasinski and Mindy Kaling. What's even crazier is the response the actress got from the restaurant tycoon's twitter account.

For anyone who internally (and possibly externally) screamed for days over this: same. Hours afterward, popular news sources like the Huffington Post, Fox News, and TIME had articles out about the news. Buzzfeed had it all over their Snapchat Discover Story within 24 hours, and the news spread like wildfire to the fans who for some reason follow none of their favorite celebrities.

So, in case you were wondering if anyone else cared about this glorious milestone in sitcom history: everyone cares. This could be the final development to come out of The Office conspiracies, and the last thing to set our mind to rest. Unless Jan comes out of something, somewhere, which is always a possibility. In case this sinks you into an insatiable Chili's craving, here's something to help you do it right.

Now, Fischer is probably basking in the L.A. sun thinking of all the second drinks she can have now that she's finally free.  Honestly, all the power to her.

All I can say is: