Spoon is here to help you crush winter rush! Don’t forget to check this list before you head out.

1. Hand sanitizer

Winter rush is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay healthy and on your game by hand sanitizing after every house!


2. Granola bar

Hours of meeting girls? Makes us hungry just thinking about it.

We recommend: Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate or Luna Protein for a solid balance between protein, fiber, and sugar.


3. Compact mirror

For makeup touch-ups and checking for food in your teeth.


4. Trail mix

winter rush

Photo by Lucy Rubin

There’s hardly a better time to indulge in a mix of healthy fats, proteins, and maybe some M&Ms too. We recommend: Trader Joe’s Breakfast Mix or Nuts About Raspberries & Almonds. For the adventurous types: Wasabi Trek Mix. Or, try making your own.


5. Mints

Because fresh breath is…well, nice.

During your free round:

winter rush

Photo by Charles Wetherbee

Warm up with a hot and hydrating (or maybe caffeinated) beverage from a coffee shop! If you need an energy burst, some intense hot chocolate will do you wonders.