Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become one of the most unexpectedly relevant outlets for all things food, and YouTubers are creating cooking channels unlike ones the world has ever seen. With veganism as the latest trending topic, more and more people are starting to think about alternative food lifestyles and there are tons of new inspirational people popping up each day on YouTube.

Between the countless “What I Eat in a Day” and “Storytime” videos, it’s easy to feel lost in the Youtube vortex, but here to make your life a little easier is a list of our top vegan YouTubers.

1. Hot for Food

Hot for Food is run by John and Lauren, an awesome married couple from Canada. What’s great about their channel is that they’re very authentic, and they make food that even non-vegans would want to eat. Every Wednesday, they prove that vegans don’t just have to eat kale salad all day — we can actually enjoy everything non-vegans eat, like chili, pizza, tacos, nachos, and so much more.

2. Kalel

Kalel is super fun to watch because she has a very bubbly and relatable personality. She’s the type of person you want to grab Sunday brunch with. Her most popular videos are her vegan taste test videos, but she also has great recipe videos and entertaining travel vlogs.

3. NaturallyStefanie

NaturallyStefanie is vegan fitness #goals. Her videos are awesome for those looking to get into amateur vegan bodybuilding because she talks a lot about nutrition and how to hit all your macros on a vegan diet (plus, she’ll dispel the worry that you can’t get enough protein as a vegan).

She’s also just super cute and has an adorable accent, which makes watching her videos all the more enjoyable. Check out some of her cheat day videos, where she makes things like vegan Oreo pancakes, if you want to drool all over your keyboard.

4. Mango Island Mamma

Mango Island Mamma, AKA Ellen, is quite literally the embodiment of hippy mom goals. She lives in a small house on Maui with her two sons and husband. Her videos are mostly about her experience raising vegan children, natural healing, and cooking healthy vegan food for her family.

Her content is all quite peaceful and makes you want to move into a bungalow on Maui to enjoy the simple things in life. I would definitely check her out if you’re interested in having kids one day, or if you just want to cry at how adorable her eldest son, Elvis, is.

5. Bite Size Vegan

Emily from Bite Size Vegan specializes in educational videos on veganism, animal rights, and nutrition. She’s a great person to watch if you’re new to the vegan lifestyle or if you’re trying to convince someone you know to go vegan. While she’s definitely not the “typical” YouTuber, she’s got a lot of great content and honestly seems like a great person.

6. Rawvana

Yovana from Rawvana is a (mostly) raw foodist who lives in Mexico. While not everyone may agree with the raw vegan lifestyle, her videos are very fun to watch because of her chipper personality and creative recipes. She makes videos both in Spanish and English, so if you’re trying to boost your Spanish grade, head over to her Spanish channel to learn some new food vocab words to impress your profesora.

7. Niomi Smart

While Niomi’s channel is not solely dedicated to her diet (she is officially a beauty vlogger), she still quite often makes videos about what she eats in a day and posts healthy and innovative recipes for her audience.

Niomi is great to watch if you want to learn to cook more wholesomely but with flavor when making low-fat vegan recipes. If you’re also curious to learn more about fitness, she is very health conscious and is currently documenting her experience training for a marathon — long distance runners, rejoice.

8. Cheap Lazy Vegan

If you’re a student on a budget, then you should definitely check out Rose from Cheap Lazy Vegan. She specializes in meal prep videos and has even done a series on how to live off of $3 a day. She is definitely one of the more relatable vegan Youtubers, as her videos are not very flashy or over the top.

Everything Rose makes is practical for the everyday person, while still remaining delicious and appetizing. Show her videos to someone who says that being vegan is too expensive or difficult, and she will definitely prove them wrong.

9. Bonnyrebecca

Bonnyrebecca is a super sweet person, the type of YouTuber you’d want to take to meet your grandmother. She also cooks really delicious low fat vegan foods that you actually want to eat, like vegan sausage rolls.

10. The Vegan Corner

The Vegan Corner is run by a European couple, Raoul and Miriam. They make delicious dishes from all different cuisines, from oven baked pasta to chewy chocolate chip cookies. I like watching them for their Italian-inspired dishes, as Raoul is originally from Italy and knows a lot about authentic recipes. If you love cheesy pizza and pasta and want to learn to veganize your favorite foods, like parmesan cheese, head over to The Vegan Corner.

11. Henyamania

Henyamania, run by Henya, is a great channel for food inspiration, as most of her videos are about what she eats on a daily basis. She and her boyfriend Jason (also a YouTuber) do a lot of traveling around the world, so you can rely on them for vegan travel advice and for restaurant recommendations.

Another great thing about Henya is that she is very real: she does not try to portray herself as a perfect person and encourages realistic eating habits and to not obsess over purity.

12. Freelee the Banana Girl

While this might be a controversial choice, Freelee makes the list for some of the most addicting content. Freelee gets a lot of bad press in the YouTube community because she often makes videos about other Youtubers calling them out for their less-than-perfect eating habits. But her ultimate goal is for her subjects to go vegan and start following her diet plan Raw Til 4. Whether or not her diet is “healthy” is for another article… but if you like drama, check her out.