Recently, there has been a hype surrounding all the health risks associated with ‘mainstream’ fruits and vegetables (#lidlweseeu) as opposed to ‘hipster’ whole foods; otherwise known as organic food. Whether it’s actually better for you to purchase them is still up for debate, but is mainly dependant on your needs. Maybe you’ve grown curious about the organic world of Oost but have always feared what it would do to your wallet. As your fellow students, we understand the struggle of living on a tight budget. This is why we’ve hit the streets to check out what’s in store for our organic-loving student-hub, so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

organic obsession

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As we constantly think of food and restlessly search the internet for more inspiration, we’ve come across this scrumptious vegetarian quinoa curry bowl, and chose it as a tool of comparison for the three organic shops we visited.

Assuming that your spice collection was complete, we went to MarqtBiolicious and Ekoplaza looking for the main ingredients listed in the recipe:

– Quinoa

– Sweet potatoes

– Cauliflower

– Vegetable stock

– Coconut milk

– Chickpeas

– Tomato paste

We didn’t take into account the measurements, and simply recorded the prices as displayed on the shelves. Most of the food we were looking for keeps well in the cupboards, so these would be one-time expenses that cut long-term costs. This means that the prices listed at the end of the article appear more expensive than what the recipe actually costs. Read more below about what each organic shop can offer for you.

1. Biolicious

organic obsession

Photo by Layla Gegout

Biolicious is by far one of the most gezellig organic supermarkets we’ve been to. Starting with the yummy bakery whose smell reminded us of a warm sunny morning (to counter that rain blues we know so well), to the delicious homemade items they always have on display.

organic obsession

Photo by Layla Gegout

Another feature of Biolicious that stood out to us was the 10% student discount they offer, which you won’t find at Marqt of Ekoplaza. Quite thoughtful of ya, Biolicious!

2. Marqt

organic obsession

Photo by Layla Gegout

Oh the joys of strolling through Marqt’s isles, taking in the beautifully organised products and oh the sight of those fruits and veggies! Makes our hearts sing. The only disclaimer with Marqt is that it is not entirely organic, meaning that they also sell “mainstream” products.

But nonetheless we do praise it for offering cheaper products; take their organic chickpeas, sold for only 0.99eu, whereas Ekoplaza and Biolicious sell them for 1.09eu.

3. Ekoplaza

organic obsession

Photo by Layla Gegout

Located slightly further away, near the vibrant Dappermarkt, Ekoplaza gives a family friendly and all-natural vibe (ya feel?). Our favourite thing about this shop was the variety of diverse (and excellent, #yougetme) teas, and the vegan ice creams that made us drool. Ok, maybe not literally.

Although slightly more pricey, certain products are relatively cheap for shopping organic, so you won’t be completely emptying out your wallet for food – hurray!



organic obsession

Credits to Julia Bereciartu

As a result, Biolicious turned out to be the cheapest store if you take into account the student discount. So you see, organic shopping doesn’t always have to be very expensive! We know that this is a little more pricey than what you would find in Albert Hein or a Turkish shop, but at least you know you’re supporting your health and your good ol’ Mother Earth.