The public is gaining access to a never-before-seen match made in heaven: Oreo Thins wine.

Oreo is collaborating with Barefoot Wines — the bestselling wine brand in America — to release a limited supply of Oreo Thins wine Friday to excited fans of each brand.

The new Oreo Thins Red Blend wine offers wine lovers a simple, non-pretentious way to pair wine with chocolate. At only $24.99 a bottle, those who manage to snag a sip can enjoy chocolate, blackberry, cookies and creme, and cherry flavors. 

According to a statement made in 2015 by Senior Brand Manager Patty Gonzalez, when Oreo Thins were released that year, the snack was geared toward an adult market. Recent advertisement for Oreo Thins provides fans with a new way to hide the treat from children, camouflaging boxes of the cookies as different products such as riced vegetables. 

Oreo Thins' focus on a more mature market has paved the way for a successful collaboration with Barefoot. Happy wine and dining (to those who are 21+, of course!).