For a person capable of eating Oreos and Dairy Milk Silk bars every day, imagine the boon a bar that combines them both would be, a Happy 2017 indeed.

Cadbury India recently launched  Silk Oreo as a part of the Dairy Milk Silk family in India. This beautiful flavor was initially released by Milka chocolates in their range of bars (as many of your friends who have tried “foreign” chocolates will tell you.) But for those of you broke ass college students out there, much like myself, who can't afford a trip to Europe to try a bar of chocolate, Silk Oreo brings a welcome alternative.

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Unlike some of the recent releases by Cadbury, Silk Oreo does not disappoint.

Combining the smoothest of brown milk chocolate of Silk embedded with a layer of vanilla cream and oreo cookies slathered with another layer of rich creamy smooth chocolate, Silk Oreo is, to say the least - a revelation.
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It is smooth, soft, melt in mouth yet packed with the crunch we love oreo cookies for (drooling yet?)

It was launched in the last week of December as a special limited edition offer available in select Big Bazaar stores and Paytm or Amazon.

Since the new year, it is now available in multiple general stores around you for a sum of Seventy-five rupees which, for someone { a college student} who survives on forty rupees a day is a lot. But the, listen to someone who tasted nirvana and came back, shun the maggie for two days, go hungry and eat that silk and trusts me, THOU SHALT NOT REGRET!


Before you go hunting for this beauty check out this cute AF video that portrays the perfection of silk and oreo together!