If you find yourself constantly checking your bank account, like any other college student, and searching for an easy part-time job, look no more. The parent company of Oreo, Mondelez International, is hiring for your dream job: a Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster.

Getting paid to taste chocolate... I think yes. So at this point, you're probably wondering what the qualifications for this would be. No need to worry, they're simpler than you think:

1. A passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection

If you don't consider binge eating at midnight a passion, we can't be friends.

2. Honesty when it comes to giving an opinion

Trust me, I'll tell you when there isn't enough creme.

3. Eager to try new inventive products

Oreo candy bars? Oreo thins? Oreo cereal? Oreo salad? Count me in.

4. A communicative personality to build great relationships with your panel

A friend of birthday cake Oreos is a friend of mine.

5. A firm grasp of the English language

"This is sooooo good!" (Is that all I need to know how to say?)

So basically, all I need to do is eat chocolate and say if it's good or not? All I need is a free gym membership, a cup of milk, and you can count me in!