When a grocery store in the UK announced last month that it was hiring a Chicken Nugget Connoisseur, I about up and packed my bags. I was born for that job. But now, it seems like hiring taste testers is going more mainstream (or at least becoming more public) across the pond. Mondelēz International, the company behind Oreo and Cadbury, is hiring Chocolate Taste Testers.

Yes, These Are Real Jobs

Somewhere, some little kid is telling their parents that they want to grow up to be a chocolate taste tester. And you know what, that's finally a reality. Dream bigger, kid! Mondelēz International has four open positions—they're looking for one "Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Taster" and three "Chocolate Tasters." Each position is part-time (7.5 hours per week), paid (£9/$12.43 per hour), and comes with some PTO and a pension. 

The Responsibilities

The job includes testing out chocolate and giving real, honest feedback. You might think all chocolate is good, but it can always be better. You must be consistent with their feedback, and be ready to work with a team of panelists to use all feedback to provide an agreement on taste. And, you must be pretty level-headed. The company is looking for those who understand "the ethical and legal compliance responsibilities of the position" and be ready to raise questions if there's an issue, as well as work with integrity. 

The Requirements

Now, loving chocolate is surprisingly not the only requirement. I mean, have you tried Cadbury chocolate? It's no amateur project. Applicants must be ready to give honest feedback, have a passion for chocolate and confectionary, spot on tastebuds, eager to try new things, and have an open and communicative personality. 

How to Apply

If you're reading through this thinking, "Yes, check. Yes, check. Yes, check, that's definitely me," you should apply! But you only have until Friday, Feb. 16 and you need to be able to work from the UK. 

So, for all you serious chocolate connoisseurs with hella good taste buds, best of luck in your application. And for the rest of us chocolate lovers, well, stick to what you know. Get to the grocery store and pick up yourself a Cadbury Creme Egg and a pack of Oreos.