Finally, the day is upon us. With the National Championship just hours away, its time to perfect your game day watch party. For those of us whose professors haven’t canceled classes tomorrow, I’ve gathered a few quick-and-easy versions of your favorite football snacks. And for those of us that don’t have cable, see below for a few free watch parties around campus tonight.

Tator Tot Nachos

Don’t want to deal with the crowd at Rennie’s, but craving those sweet, sweet tots? DIY this game day with this recipe for Tator Tot Nachos from Spoon Northwestern. This article features a how-to video that will for real make your mouth water.

Video by Spoon Northwestern

Homemade Pizza

Need a snack you can make during half-time? A homemade personal pizza is a 15-minute snack that is sure to please your taste buds just as the Ducks burst into the second half. This recipe from earlier this year is the perfect solution to your half-time hungries.

national championship

Photo by Inness Cheng

 Jello Shots

What’s a watch party without jello shots? I don’t know, but it’s probably not that fun. These tropical jello shots could be made even more festive by using lemon and lime jello to rep that yellow and green. Just pop these in the fridge and wait for the first TOUCHDOWN!

national championship

Photo by Judy Holtz

For more snack ideas, check out these 3 Easy Football Viewing Party Snacks and these Super Bowl Dips!

As for free watch parties, there are a few happening on campus tonight, some even offering free food to students.

Erb Memorial Union has a few parties happening inside the building tonight, two of which are told to have snacks. Head to the EMU Ballroom for free pizza and prizes throughout the game, or get comfy down in The Fishbowl for free soda and other snacks.

The brand new Student Recreation Center is hosting a free watch party in its lobby starting at 3:30pm. Not only will there be free food and a bunch of other fans to cheer with, you can even get your workout on during half time or commercial breaks. You might even make it on TV! Contact the SRC for more information.

national championship

Photo by UO Student Recreation Center

Looking for a place to watch the game, eat some grub and do some good at the same time? Killer Burger is keeping the Ducks vs. Bucks competition spirit alive by participating in a burger competition against local Ohio pub O’Donald’s. Each burger joint is featuring a today-only National Championship special and the restaurant to sell the most special burgers wins.

Killer Burger’s special: The Smokin’ O, comes overflowing with smoky house sauce, grilled onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, crispy fried onions, crispy fried jalapenos, even more bacon, and topped off with barbecue sauce. Not only could you be biting into this burger to do your tastebuds some good, but Killer Burger is giving 10% of the profit of each burger sold to a local food bank. The game will definitely be on and poppin’ at Killer Burger tonight, so check out this article about Killer Burger’s other killer offerings and I’ll meet you down there.

national championship

Photo by Judy Holtz

Whether you’re stuck in class right now or prepping for your Natty festivities, just remember…GO DUCKS!