Coffee is an all-important morning ritual and daytime delight. Hot or cold, black or with cream and sugar, no matter how you take it, drinking coffee is a wonderful part of the day. With a Starbucks on every corner, coffee has certainly become accessible, but accessible doesn’t always mean enjoying the experience of sitting down in a unique space and sipping a good cup of joe.

For many of coffee and tea drinkers, the cafe is the ideal spot to enjoy their daily dose of caffeine. The café makes for the perfect office, date and hangout, and likely offers a cooler atmosphere than your local Starbucks (no offense Starbucks, we still adore you).

If indeed you’re the café type or you’re looking to gain a little hipster cred, you must give Milk & Honey a try.

milk & honey

Photo by Emily Kirsch

Adorably decorated and with an all-around interesting and yummy menu, Milk & Honey will have you coming back again and again. Known for their lavender lattes and spiced chai coolers, this cafe is seriously special. You can’t say enough for their drinks and their shaved ice, which makes for a great afternoon snack.

Milk & Honey is located in Costa Mesa’s The Camp, which is a cool place to check out in and of itself. The café features a small interior shop and a quaint outdoor seating area for when the weather is nice, which is all of the time.

Whether you choose to order a lavender latte or a classic espresso drink, Milk & Honey is the perfect place to enjoy it. They recently opened a second location in Huntington Beach if you’re looking for a refreshing latte after catching some waves.