Oprah seems to be behind nearly everything these days. From book clubs to presidential elections to magazines, Oprah is our hero. Just when you thought she'd run out of outlets for her endless creativity, Oprah hit us with a huge surprise.

Enter Oprah's new line of microwaveable meals aptly named "O, That's Good." Silence your chuckles at the obvious innuendo, and brace yourselves for the barrage of soups, mashed potatoes, and pastas with which Oprah has graced us. 

O, That's Good has four soup flavors: butternut squash, baked potato, broccoli cheddar, and tomato basil. Could we expect anything less than the timeless classics from an American icon?

Oprah's microwave meals offers a number of delectable sides that function on their own or in conjunction with her soups. In the mood for potatoes? Choose from original mashed potatoes or garlic potatoes for a comforting addition to any meal. O, That's Good also offers three cheese pasta and parmesan pasta for the mac n' cheese lovers out there.

O, That's Good are now available in stores nationwide.