Taking the two words - “open” and “yard”, quite literally, this quaint café is located in Faridabad’s busy Sector 16 market. Complete with outdoor seating and umbrella tables (and yes, they do have adjustable umbrella stands, a much-required feature yet to be found in popular cafes in Delhi), this little joint is owner Vikash Gupta’s definition of a modern dhaba with an artsy twist. Open Yard Cafe is an eclectic place that promises to be the new youth-hub of the locality.


Walking into the restaurant, our team found the space warm, quirky and oddly inviting. With the latest US Billboard tunes playing in the background (yes my friends Despacito does have a wide reach indeed :P) and the sunlight filtering in, the café interiors mirror those of an art graduate’s bedroom. A teacup display at the entrance, strung horizontally in a haphazard manner just goes to prove that beauty is best found in chaos. Added to this were the hand-stitched flags that were strung across the ceilings, almost like the ones you see in the shamianas that sprinkle the beaches of Goa. In the mood for a beach-themed or Hawaiian party? This is the place to go.


The outdoors boast of large, round tables surrounded by several flower displays that promise to make any night beautiful on a cold, October’s day. The best part, there is an empty wall facing the tables that provides the perfect excuse for vintage movie screenings (#Spoon suggestions)

Coming to the main purpose of this review, we can safely say that the food didn’t disappoint. From the chilled, deliciously sour Fruit Beer to the Vegetable Spring Rolls and the Paneer Lababdar for mains, this is one place every college student has to visit! 


1. Vegetable Spring Rolls

sausage, vegetable, pork, meat
Karan Kapoor

Deliciously crunchy on the outside, stuffed with lightly sauteed vegetables and noodles, this starter is sure to make your day! Our advice, slather these rolls generously with the Thai sweet-chilli dipping sauce - a perfect accompaniment to a great dish!

2. Sesame Crusted Chicken Wings

pork, meat, beef, sauce
Karan Kapoor

Saucy, spicy, and wonderfully sticky, these wings provide stiff competition to KFC's biggest seller. The best part, the roasted sesame seeds sprinkled on the top, provide the perfect amount of crunch and deliciousness.

3. Shanghai Mushrooms

Karan Kapoor

Tender Portobello mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese, coriander and pan-fried garlic mushroom bits, this creation is every vegetarian’s dream starter. Big on that wonderful earthy flavour, the variety of textures makes this dish the ultimate appetite (and conversation) starter!


1. Masala Chicken

soup, pepper, sauce, meat, vegetable
Karan Kapoor

The first thing that strikes you when this dish arrives, are the wonderfully soft halved potatoes sitting on top that are busy soaking up all that rich, spicy gravy. Accompanied by hot, crusty, garlic naans slathered in butter and you’ve got yourself a feast fit for a king! The chicken was perfectly cooked, displaying a depth of flavour that was truly stunning. Achieving this standard is no easy feat, and the Masala Chicken could easily give any five-star hotel dish a run for its money! Out of the mains, the dish stood out the most and left us wanting more, well what we at Spoon like to call #SpoonRecommends

2. Dal Makhni

chili, soup
Karan Kapoor

Not every place can nail the humble "ma ki dal" like Open Yard does! Creamy, rich and generously topped with swirls of butter, this dish is guaranteed to make your mouth water. Take our advice, drive down to Faridabad and enjoy this delicious dal with a plate of steamed jeera rice. You won't regret it.

Karan Kapoor

Along with Chicken Masala and Dal Makhni, the mains also consisted of Paneer Lababdar and an Assorted Bread Basket (primarily garlic naan and laccha parantha) which is photographed above. If you're looking for great food, great music and a smashing time, all without burning a hole in your pocket, Open Yard in Faridabad is the next spot to hit.