Winston-Salem has gradually transformed from an industrial city to a trendy and hip destination for a younger crowd. What can this be attributed to? The influx of new bars in the city that capture the unique environment. There are many more options for your night out other than The Last Resort (a.k.a LR).  Here is your one-stop guide to bar hopping in Winston-Salem.

1. Bar Piña 

When I came across this awesome rooftop bar, I legitimately forgot I was in Winston-Salem for a second. The bar resembles one you would find in cities like Austin, Texas or even New York City. The iconic neon sign greets you as you ascend the stairs to the top, where they also have a graffiti art wall that pays tribute to the city. The bar and the drinks are very instagrammable, and there's even an indoor section if you don't want to be outside. This bar has the best view of Winston-Salem (it's actually the only rooftop bar). Perfect for a girls night out, date night, or sunset happy hour—this bar is an absolute must.

2. Tate's Crafts and Cocktails

Elizabeth Maline

You can't be bar hopping and not stop at Tate's. Located in the heart of downtown, on Fourth Street, is this eclectic bar that anchors Winston-Salem. It is the city's best kept secret. I must have passed it 100 times in the daylight before I even noticed what it was. Don't let the weather stop you from checking it out because in the winter they have heat lamps stationed outside along with tables and chairs, for a more casual environment. Inside, there is the main floor where the bar is, as well as a balcony with more seating. This photo was taken from the balcony, above the string lights that line the ceiling. Wednesday is the most popular night to hit this spot, especially for Wake Forest University students. They are known for serving drinks in their very Instagrammable unicorn cups. Plus, if you get lucky, you could catch some live music.

3. Incendiary Brewing Company

Incendiary is one of the newer bars/breweries downtown, stationed immediately behind the bar and Mexican restaurant Alma Mexicana. The space is large with high ceilings but it is also often crowded, making for a fun bar scene. In the warmer months, the party moves outside as people enjoy their drinks under the string lights and fill the patio. But, the best part about Incendiary is that it sits directly next to Cugino Forno— the instant-hit pizza restaurant. The two are connected from the inside, so you can hit the bar and then grab a slice after. What more could you ask for?

4. The Katherine 

The Katherine is your spot if you're looking to have a boujee night out. It is located in the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel, which has hotels all around the country, so you instantly feel like you're in a big city. They have an extensive cocktail and bar food menu, so you should be sure to find something you like, though it is on the pricier side. The Katherine will suck you out of the college scene and plop you into an upscale bar. It is always crowded and sometimes they have live music!

5. Fair Witness

This spot popped up out of nowhere, but thank goodness it did. Located right across the street from Wake Downtown, Fair Witness is the perfect intersection between the Wake Forest and Winston-Salem communities. I would describe this place as a lounge more than a bar. There are multiple rooms that make up the bar (all candle lit), and fire pits outside that make it a fun place to gather all year round. The bar's Instagram name, @fairwitnessfancydrinks encompasses all that the bar has to offer. Awesome, "fancy" drinks that look and taste good coupled with a suave ambiance.

There you have it! Winston-Salem has tons of options for bar hopping. Whether you like breweries, rooftops, or a fancy glass of wine, Winston has it all.