Just the thought of not eating solid foods for three days would make most people hungry. For others, it’s a way to detox your body of toxins and perhaps even lose some weight. Juice cleanses can last from three days to as long as a person wants. During this time, all a person consumes is juice made from fruits and vegetables. People can purchase the juices pre-made, which will cost them anywhere from 30-75 dollars a day. Another option is to buy the produce and juice it yourself.

Senior Alisa Lee decided to purchase a juicer and buy the fruit. After hearing that her cousin lost 7 pounds from juicing for 3 days, she thought that it sounded like a pretty good idea. To her, 3 days of not eating solid foods seemed easy enough.

Alisa bought a juicer from Macy’s and enough fruit that would last her the 3 days. “The first day was a little rough,” she says, “and I was very tired.” She woke up the second day feeling “energized” but, as the day progressed, her head began to hurt and the pain did not go away.


Photo by Kailla Coomes

“I only did it for 1.5 days,” Alisa says, “I got very hungry and couldn’t concentrate in class or do my homework. I felt good but wasn’t being productive at all, so that’s when I decided to eat a salad.”

Alisa suggested that if someone wants to do a juice cleanse they should be ready to be hungry. She might try the juice again during spring break or the summer when she doesn’t have work or school.

Juices seem to be a fad that can either be very successful or very not. Different people have different results and reactions, and it’s a personal choice whether or not they want to do it. One should be prepared for just about anything.

Alisa’s favorite juice recipe includes: carrots, apples, pears, lemons, and ginger.

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