No matter if you have 2 minutes for a grab and go meal or a little more time to prep in your dorm, there are endless ways to make sure you're starting your day off right. Try a more nutrient dense on the go breakfast to keep you fuller longer and full of energy throughout the day!


What better way to start a busy day than some oats topped with a variety of fruits, granola and dreamy peanut butter. When you're running behind, pack your oatmeal in a to-go container to bring to your first class of the day. Oats are high and fiber and by adding toppings they can keep you fuller longer, allowing you to stay focused on your daily tasks! For an even quicker hack, use pre-packaged single-serving oats that take just under two minutes to cook!

Overnight Oats

Similar to oatmeal, overnight oats are also a fun way to make a customizable breakfast. The base includes half a cup of rolled oats and a cup of non-dairy milk, then add any flavorings and fruits you prefer! These are perfect for fast-paced mornings because they're made the night before! Overnight the oats soak in the liquid giving them a soft texture, making them easily digestible.

Topped Rice Cakes

One of my personal favorite breakfast foods is rice cakes. Toppings are ENDLESS and can include, but are definitely not limited to, avocado, peanut butter, scrambled eggs, strawberries or chia seeds. Being under 40 calories per cake, you can load them up without feeling the guilt. Pack them in a Tupperware and you're good to go!


With a little more time and ingredients, you can make a fresh smoothie packed with nutrients. For an extra college tip, take some fruit from the dining hall and freeze it to keep it fresher longer and ready to go when you're craving a fresh breakfast. To improve your smoothie, add in some fresh spinach or kale. It won't affect the flavor and it can increase your fiber and micronutrient intake!

Make the most important meal of the day fun and accessible by customizing these easy to-go breakfasts and tossing them in a reusable container!