Whether you're hosting a socially-distant party or having a night-in, you can never go wrong with some chips and dip. Now, On The Border is bringing their signature salsas and queso straight to your doorstep. 

On The Border Queso And Salsas

Image via On the Border

Now available on Amazon, On The Border's Original Medium Queso, Salsa, Guacamole come in squeezable bottles perfect for the whole family. 

On The Border's Queso is made with real cheese and is microwavable. Put some on top of your nachos for a warm, cheesy bite. 

OTB's Salsa is made with using no artificial colors or flavors and is perfect alongside your favorite tortilla chips. 

Let's not forget guacamole. On The Border's Guacamole Salsa made with real avocados makes the perfect addition to a burrito. 

On The Border's Traditional Tortilla Chips

Image via On the Border

Need some tortilla chips to go along with your salsa and queso? On The Border has you covered with their NEW Cafe Style Tortilla Chips. 

The tortilla chips, salsas and queso are all available now on Amazon