The Super Bowl, where the LA Rams went head to head with the Cincinnati Bengals, just concluded. But this wasn't the only rivalry brewing on Sunday. In Oikos’s new ad spot, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, aka “Prime Time,” and his rising quarterback son Shedeur are butting heads to showcase the different types of strength performance associated with Oikos Pro and Triple Zero!

Whether you were cheering on the Bengals or rooting for the Rams, we know all aspiring athletes and viewers are trying to pack in protein like the pros. Proteins are molecules that help rebuild muscle tissue. They allow athletes to recover after a workout and build necessary strength for high-stakes competitions like the Super Bowl. However, you don’t have to be an NFL player to enjoy and reap the benefits of a high-protein snack. That’s why Oikos has created Oikos Pro and Oikos Triple Zero: creamy and subtly sweet with 15-20g of protein per serving!

But, how enjoyable can a zero-sugar, high-protein product really be? We tried four flavors of Oikos Pro and Oikos Triple Zero to put that to the test. These flavors included Strawberry, Vanilla, Peach, and Mixed Berry.

Lauren Jai


To kick things off, we tried the Oikos Pro, which contain a whopping 20g of protein! Out of the two flavors we had, we picked the Strawberry flavor to try first. Oikos easily scored a touchdown with such an iconic flavor. It was thick, it was fresh, and it was most definitely delicious. The product was not bursting with flavor, but it perfectly captured the taste of a vibrant, red strawberry - sweet with a hint of sour. And how could I not mention the creaminess of the product? It was super light and had a soft texture similar to a crème brûlée. As a non-gym rat who absolutely loved this product, I can safely say that any gym fanatic would go crazy for this high-protein treat!


After, we blitzed our way to the Vanilla flavor and absolutely devoured it. With vanilla being another iconic flavor, how could anyone ever go wrong? The Vanilla Oikos Pro surely did not disappoint. Unlike other sugary products, this one packed a much milder sweetness level. However, suppose you’d like to stir up a bit more action. In that case, we highly recommend adding some small toppings, such as blueberries, granola, or coconut flakes. These little garnishes did not interfere with the creamy flavor, but enriched it and made it more poignant. Packing a hefty amount of protein, these Oikos Pro packs are also featured in just the right size to be swapped as a healthy alternative to sweetened yogurt in any delicious smoothie or milkshake recipe. 


Next, we tried the Peach Oikos Triple Zero. At about 15g of protein, each cup contains a little less protein than the other Oikos Pros. The light sherbert orange color of the product was already enough for me to fall in love with this flavor. However, its fresh, sensational aroma and unexpected tanginess was a splendid change of pace that really blew my mind. Its overall vibrancy brought me back to a warm, sunny day where my friends and I had a lovely picnic in the summer. The Peach flavor is perfect for citrus lovers and those looking to add a little fun to their day!

Mixed Berry

Looking for a sweeter flavor? The Mixed Berry is just for you. It features a mix of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavors to create the ultimate fruity celebration. Based on our first impression, the product was slightly darker than the Strawberry flavor’s pastel pink color. While the pink color shined through, the strawberries of the Mixed Berry flavor were a bit more subtle. Instead, the blueberry was the true MVP and created a pleasantly sweeter taste than all the other flavors. It was comparable to the Strawberry, but with an extra level of flavor. The Mixed Berry was slightly lighter in thickness, and could be eaten as a breakfast, snack, or desert!

Lauren Jai

As you can see, these protein-packed products have the potential to become a new household essential. All the flavors we tried are available as both Pro and Triple Zero options. So, whether you’re a gym bro looking for a healthy treat after a workout, a yogurt fan seeking out new brands to try, or just wanting more protein in your diet, these cups of goodness will do just the trick! 

We absolutely loved each of the flavors, but if they were football teams, Strawberry would definitely win the Super Bowl. Peach is a close second, followed by Mixed Berry and Vanilla. The fruity flavors clearly triumphed over the Vanilla flavor, just like the Rams did on Sunday!