Ohio State is not ranked #2 in college football for no reason. On and off the field, The Ohio State Buckeye's are simply one of the best locally and nationally. However, after this controversial OSU versus U of M game, it was clear that in more reasons than just the score board, Ohio State won it all.

1. The attendance was an all-time record of 110,045 people. 

The OSU Stadium ("The Shoe") had more fans than the stadium knew what to do with as the Shoe only has 104,944 seats.

2. Campus was alive at 4:00 am.

Fans all across campus were getting ready for the noon game with food, drinks, and friends very early to show off their excitement to defeat TTUN (The Team Up North).

3. All "M's" on campus had red "X's" over them. 

Ohio State was getting in the spirit by having absolutely no trace of anything related to Michigan on their campus making the students aware of the rivalry and get them amped for the game.

4. Ohio State has a "Rivalry Week."

A whole week was dedicated to the game. "Rivalry Week" began Monday, November 21st with the "M’s" crossed out, signs put up and Anti-Michigan apparel being sold rapidly to start the spirit.

5. The Stadium's spirit.

As the score got closer between the two teams, music played, the crowd got on their feet, voices were lost and every OSU fan devoted themselves strictly to the game (some voices are yet to be found). Then proceeding the win, 100,000 fans stormed the field overjoyed.

6. The food.  

sausage, bread, bun, beef, hot dog
Zoe Zaiss

The food definitely fueled this crowd and accommodated to everything they needed. In the freezing weather, hot chocolate was sold throughout the stands and fans were happily munching on their nachos and hot dogs. Without the mouthwatering food at The Shoe, who knows what may have happened!

This game was definitely one that will go down in history as the biggest rivals in college football going into double-overtime with an exceptional win by THE Ohio State Buckeyes. It was definitely more than just gameplay that caused this win. It has been 1,837 days since Michigan beat Ohio State so better luck next time Wolverines and GOOD LUCK IN THE PLAYOFFS BUCKEYES!