Well, UIUCers, it’s that time of year again. The time when the Quad becomes a sea of green and classes become far less full. That’s right, Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day is upon us again! To prepare you all for this year’s festivities, I took to the streets of Champaign and asked some lovely anonymous (Hi, mom and dad!) students on this campus about their favorite foods to eat on “Unofficial.” Feel free to use their past experiences as your food spirit guide this year.

Drumroll please…

“All I remember is that I ate an entire box of pepperoni bagel bites…and I’m a vegetarian.”

“I don’t think I went anywhere…no wait, I ordered Jimmy John’s! I just really like to eat, so that was pretty normal for me.”

“I went to Chick-Fil-A. I was completely sober, but I still loved it!”

“I picked up Noodles and Company. No better place on campus to carb up!”

“Our sorority house’s chef makes green grilled cheese and tomato soup, so why would I go anywhere else?”

“Oh, I was so wasted, I don’t even remember what I ate! Just kidding. I was stone-cold sober and ate salad at the Ike.” (Okay, yes, this one was me…)

“We demolished like six grilled cheeses and an entire cookie cake.”

“We convinced our friend to leave Sig Ep by promising her D.P. Dough. You laugh, but it totally worked!”

“I went to ‘Kegs and Eggs’. Sounds like a great idea, but the eggs were made by frat guys, so they were disgusting.”

“The line at Chipotle was the longest I’ve ever seen, but it was totally worth it. It’s never tasted so good!”

Honorable Unmentioned (probably because people were too ashamed):

Fat Sandwich
Second Story Pizza
Geo’s (Chicken strips or bust!)

Go forth and eat, my friends!