As a self-proclaimed foodie, I always take it upon myself to explore as many food establishments in the city that I live in as I can. However, living in LA, it can get pretty difficult for me to pick one place among so many that I should try out next. Then, once I get there, choosing one item that is delicious, hip (read: Insta-worthy), and has great value is another challenge on its own. That is why I'm super excited when I heard that Shay Mitchell, aka Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars, founded a club for foodies in LA to step up their game. Enter: Off The Menu Club.

Off The Menu Club is an exclusive, invite-only subscription app that, for $20 a month, allows you to get one free off-the-menu item from select restaurants and other food establishments in Los Angeles everyday. No catch. You sign up for the monthly membership, show the app to the restaurant, and boom: free food. The app also releases a new list of participating curated restaurants each week, so you are always bound to try food from places you’ve never tried previously.

Not only you get to explore LA food scene and save money ($20 per month for 30 meals? I’ll request my invite now, thank you), but Off The Menu Club also partners up with charities across the country  to help end child hunger in America.

Being in the know about the most hip restaurants in LA, getting free food, and fight child hunger are already pretty cool to me. Only for UCLA students, though, there is more on top of all that: Spoon University at UCLA is working with Off The Menu Club to bring this exclusive program to campus, and we are holding a private, 21+ only party at Mom's Bar on October 5th, 2017, from 8.30 to 10.30 PM, where members who signed up with the invite code "UCLA" can enjoy an open bar and free curated food and mingle and have fun with fellow foodies from campus.

So start the academic year the only right way: with free food and free booze for one night, free food for each day of each month, and a helping hand for a significant issue. What more could you ask for?