February is a month of many things: a groundhog seeing or not seeing his shadow, Valentine's Day, and the death of your New Year's Resolution. If you're anything like me your January weight loss ambitions sound a little impossible right about now. If every meal seems to be a drag of plain fruits and simple vegetables, you may want to consider switching up your healthy meals. I present to you: delicious, milkshake-like protein smoothies from Odyssey Nutrition at Ohio University. 

Kayla Rosengarten


The nutrition shop is located on 30 East State Street and has a menu of nearly 50 flavors of protein smoothies. Each smoothie provide 24 grams of protein and the protein powder is completely derived from plants. This is all thanks to the co-owners of the business being representatives for Herbalife Nutrition products. 

The store also offers aloe shooters and a variety of herbal teas, with different added benefits, like energy, immune system boosters, and hangover help. If the journey seems too far for those at the gym or their dorm room, Odyssey recently dropped a huge announcement: this gem has begun deliveries. 

The flavors of the protein smoothies come from all sugar-free pudding mixes and sugar-free syrups. The result is delicious flavors, from brownie batter to blueberry muffin to caramel latte.  


Yes, Odyssey Nutrition at Ohio University is totally worth a walk to East State street (even if you live all the way on South Green). The plant-based protein smoothies work perfectly as a delicious meal replacement that will help create your fest-season bod.  Besides, if the walk is the only thing stopping you, their new delivery service is bound to work for you instead.