Just like other Spoon students, I'm a huge food addict. If I'm not eating or dreaming about food, I'm probably on social media looking at food inspiration. Everyone knows that Orange County is heaven for foodies, but finding the perfect food places can be challenging. This is why I compiled a list of the 20 best OC food Instagrams that tell you where to eat and what to get. 

1. @OCFoodFiend

If you're on the hunt for a new place to try in Orange County, OCFoodFiend has all the latest updates for the best restaurants, dessert bars and drink shops. They also post giveways and discounts.

2. @OrangeCountyCuisine

OrangeCountyCuisine's feed is filled with pictures of various gluttonous foods. From falafel to truffle mac n' cheese to Pikachu ice cream cones, they seem to know exactly where to go to get the most attractive (and tempting) meals. 

3. @BestFoodOC

BestFoodOC doubles as a restaurant bucket list and a source for great food news. Check out their photos and their bio link for food-related articles specific to Orange County. 

4. @YelpOC

Yelp is one of the top tools for foodies, and their OC Instagram account is no exception. Follow them for good eats tips around Orange County and Long Beach. 

5. @DradeVsFood

Drade is an OC-native foodaholic who finds the most delectable food in Orange County and Los Angeles. I wish I could be him and eat like him, but I can't, so I live vicariously through his Instagram instead. 

6. @GoodEatzCo

Tacos. Milkshakes. Burgers. Chicken. What more could you ask for? GoodEatzCo has the whole enchilada, and it's all in Orange County. 

7. @SorryNoSalad

SorryNoSalad (aka a foodie named Jeff)'s bio is: "I'm not crying... my eyes are drooling" and that's exactly how you'll feel looking at his account. 

8. @FoodFanatic

So you've heard of Raising Cane's, Creme & Sugar and Dragonfly Tea Bar. But have you heard of Icy Cream Roll, Elbows Mac n Cheese or Pig Pen? FoodFanatic posts the newest (and yummiest) restaurants in OC and LA and manages to have a witty caption for each photo. 

9. @MaiEatingObsession

We all know the drill: order, take a photo, then eat. MaiEatingObsession understands this and posts only the best food pictures from all over Orange County. 

10. @CapricornCow

Although his username may not suggest it, CapricornCow is completely dedicated to discovering food finds in OC. His feed indicates he has a preference for burgers and dessert, so if you're into that, definitely give him a follow. 

11. @FoodWithMichel

With almost 200k followers, it's clear that FoodWithMichel knows how to please his audience. His photos don't only look flavorful, but they're also creative and aesthetically pleasing. 

12. @Wandering_Palate

If your tastebuds prefer fancier meals, Wandering_Palate is the account for you. Their feed is filled with filet mignon, hard-to-pronounce pastas and desserts like French silk hot chocolate from Belgium.

13. @TopFoodNews_OC

TopFoodNews_OC's account is a beautiful combination of desserts, meals and drinks. If you want to join the team, they're hiring! Follow their Instagram for more information. 

14. @FoodByRikako

FoodByRikako's account is run by Rikako, a student in OC who is absolutely thriving in the food scene. If you're like me (a broke, jealous college student), check out her account. 

15. @WhereOrangeCounty

WhereOrangeCounty posts inspiration for what to eat, see and do in OC. Scroll through their feed to plan an entire day's worth of fun (and food) in Orange County. 

16. @DavidTheFoodie

DavidTheFoodie boasts 121k followers and is quickly gaining more. How could he not—with photos of eggs benny, ramen and edible cookie dough sandwiches, it's hard not to give him a follow. 

17. @BeastlyAppetite

Let's admit it: we all have a beastly appetite. The real BeastlyAppetite on Instagram posts photos of food from all over SoCal that make me want to reach into my phone and grab the pizza, donut or whatever else he is flaunting. 

18. @DailyFoodFeed

DailyFoodFeed takes the cake (or burger) for most tantalizing account. Their 544k followers can't deny this, and best of all, their food pics are all from SoCal. 

19. @Whats.Steve.Eating

I honestly never wondered what Steve was eating, but after looking at his account, I definitely want to know. Let's just say he's eating well. 

20. @A_Pigs_Life

Pigging out is nothing to be ashamed of. A_Pigs_Life embraces this and shares their foodie adventures for all of us to follow with watchful eyes and hungry stomachs. 

If you got through this article without leaving to try one of the restaurants pictured—congrats! I was barely able to write this without my stomach growling. These accounts not only show readers new places to visit in Orange County, but they also provide examples of how to take eye capturing (or should I say stomach capturing) photos of your food. They know how to angle their food and get the lighting perfect in order to make your mouth water.