Whether Michelle was campaigning against childhood obesity or Barack was enjoying a slice of pie on his birthday, the Obamas knew how to have a good time with food. In fact, Michelle Obama even took it upon herself to better what kids eat and prove that exercise can be fun as part of her first-lady initiative.

The Obamas have always put smiles on our faces, so now it's time to relive the goofiest and most influential moments of the Obama administration while simultaneously celebrating what we love best: food.

#SpoonTip: FLOTUS stands for "First Lady of the United States" and POTUS stands for "President of the United States." It's fitting that this awesome couple have nicknames that are just as cool as they are.

White House Garden

Soon after Obama entered office, Michelle planted her own White House vegetable garden. This patch on the South Lawn provided food for the First Family as well as the Food Bank Organization. There are 55 varieties of vegetables grown there such as arugula, black kale, and tomatillos along with various fruits. Michelle has even secured private funding for the patch and has made sure the National Park Service will continue her legacy even after she leaves the White House.

"Turnip for What"

Michelle Obama became famous on Vine after she created a video parody of DJ Snake and Lil Jon's song "Turn Down for What." In light of her love for vegetables, she turned this clubbing song into one that even kids can enjoy: "Turnip for What." It may be a bit cheesy, but we still love you and your food-filled puns, Mrs. Obama.

#SpoonTip: This is Cristeta Comerford, the White House chef since 2005. Inspired by Michelle's video, in this photo she is seen making a healthy curry turnip recipe.


The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was one of the first programs started by Michelle Obama to create better meal options at schools. We may not like that candy and ice cream can no longer be sold for fundraisers, but in the end, the FLOTUS is just working for our health's best interests.

French Fries at Buckingham Palace

Michelle appears practically flawless when it comes to healthy eating, but in reality, she can admit to having a few guilty pleasures like the rest of us. In fact, one moment she remembers most is when she ordered French fries while visiting Buckingham Palace in London.

Luckily, they were worth the indulgence at one of the fanciest places around. She'll also occasionally enjoy those fried goodies on the couch watching her favorite TV shows with Bo, the family dog. Sounds a bit like you and me!

"Let's Move" Campaign

Starting in February of 2010, Michelle Obama introduced her plan to combat childhood obesity. This campaign combines the importance of being active with plans to eat healthier. All across the country, Michelle's work has motivated parents to raise healthier children and has taught kids that playing outdoors can indeed be fun.

Not only that, but the campaign also supports healthier school lunches as well as supporting local gardens, such as the one pictured above. This has been a trademark of the Obama administration, and future generations will thank them for setting us on a path to live healthier lives.


At the second annual Kids' State Dinner, Barack Obama was asked by the children attending what his favorite food was. The answer he came up with: broccoli! The kids were astonished, how could someone's favorite food be broccoli?! This took Twitter by storm and went by the name of "Broccoligate." 

Obama backed up his response by saying that broccoli was one vegetable that his whole family liked, which is why it is one of his favorites. If this is the only scandal the Obamas have been through then that's not too shabby.

First to Brew Beer in the White House

Obama was the first president to brew beer in the White House. Starting in January of 2011, Barack purchased a home-brewing kit and got to work. Using honey produced from the White House's very own beehive, he has managed to create two phenomenal brews: a Honey Porter and a White House Honey Brown Ale.

Obama's love of good beer runs deep, so much that he even had one named after him in North Carolina. Asheville Brewing Company crafted "President's Spring Break Ale" just for the POTUS himself. If you're interested, the recipes for his own brews are actually online!

Pie vs. Cake

Barack celebrates his birthday on August 4th. Some may expect him to receive a ten-layer cake filled with every flavor imaginable. However, this President prefers a good old-fashioned slice of American pie.

In fact, any pie that Bill Yosses, the White House pastry chef (2007-2014), baked, Obama would soon devour. The "Crustmaster" got Obama so hooked he was convinced they were filled with crack! Well, not really, but they were pretty addicting. So in this big cake vs. pie debate, Obama sides on the side of a slice of pie.

In a few short months, he won't be our president anymore, but we'll always remember the Obamas for their laughs, life-changing programs, and of course, their encounters with food. We'll all miss you!