Ever since I got to college, I’ve struggled with breakfast. Either I skip breakfast and run on an empty stomach until lunchtime or my hangover gets the best of me and leads me to an 11 AM brunch feast. It’s hard to find a happy medium. However, all of that changed when I started eating oatmeal once a day for breakfast. 

I recently made the pledge to cook up an oatmeal breakfast everyday because I was having a hard time regulating my eating habits. In college, rather than working a 9-5 job and having a steady meal plan, you’re constantly getting invites to spunky restaurants or food-related events. But for some reason, starting the day with oatmeal felt like an attainable commitment to a healthier, more structured routine.

Day 1: Yum!

cereal, wheat, pasture, oat, oatmeal, barley, hands, handful, handful of oats, grain, Rolled oats
Jocelyn Hsu

Oatmeal is tasty. There’s not much else to it. The first day of eating oatmeal didn’t conjure up any earth-shattering realizations about my body, but I figured it took a little time to build up the results.

Day 3: Is my metabolism speedy or what?

porridge, sweet, oatmeal, milk, cereal, rice
Christin Urso

One word — FIBER. One cup of oatmeal has about four grams of fiber and I was eating over two cups in the morning. Naturally, I was making bathroom trips more frequently, and they were quicker and easier. In other words, fiber does wonders for #2 time. I was surprised at first, but man, I could get used to this.

Day 7: I am a routine queen

cereal, wheat, corn, groats, porridge, pasture, sesame seed
Nancy Chen

The fiber was really regulating my digestive system… which meant my bathroom schedule was becoming very regular. It’s nice to have a set routine for potty time, so that was a huge and unexpected perk.

My life also started to feel more in sync. There’s something about waking up to do the same thing every morning. Not everything in my day has to have order, but having at least one regimen is comforting.

Day 10: Potential weight loss?!

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Kavita Gurm

10 days is hardly enough to attribute one food to weight loss, but my pants were feeling a smidge looser and I felt lighter and more refreshed. Eating oatmeal for breakfast kept me full until lunchtime, so it does a good job with managing over-eating. My goal here isn’t to lose weight, though — it’s just to be healthy overall.

Day 14: Feeling gooooood

cereal, wheat, corn, oat, oatmeal
Rachel Tison

After eating oatmeal everyday for two weeks, my body feels different... in a good way. My meals are spaced out better, and I feel lighter on my feet throughout the day. Usually after a big breakfast, I feel weighed down, but after two weeks of establishing this oatmeal routine, I usually have a much better start to my day.

Biggest takeaway? More energy.

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Rachel Resnick

Rather than stuffing my face with a bagel and cream cheese, I’m making a concentrated effort to eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning. The health and dietary benefits are obvious reasons for trying to make this commitment, and I had a few added perks like extra energy and faster metabolism. Without sounding like a Quaker Oats sales rep, I encourage anyone and everyone to give this experiment a try!