Many brands now have non-dairy yogurt options, but Halsa focuses solely on oatmilk products. To go even further, the company only produces oatmilk yogurt, known as oatgurt. It comes in both traditional yogurts and drinkable yogurts. 

Halsa is sustainable and committed to providing healthy products. The oatgurt is organic, vegan, and does not use preservatives or chemicals. Each container has a label that peels off and is recyclable. There is no added sugar in the yogurts, and the protein comes from organic pea protein. It means the yogurt isn't very sweet, but the fruit flavors are flavored with fruit juices, including apple.  

Due to allergies, I can no longer eat dairy or soy, which eliminates many types of yogurt, so I was intrigued when a representative reached out and asked if I would like to try Halsa's four new oatgurt flavors. 


Arielle Gordon

It definitely tastes like blueberries. I personally don't love that flavor as I think it tastes too much like artificial grapes, but the flavor and color are there. This is the kind of yogurt that would be good with fruit or granola mixed in. It has a fruity flavor that would go well with toppings.  


Arielle Gordon

This was my favorite flavor. The mango tastes sweet, but isn't trying too hard. It's complemented by the mango-pear-apple juice blend used to flavor and sweeten the yogurt. The pale orange color is appealing and reassuring that there isn't any artificial coloring mixed in. 


Arielle Gordon

The plain flavor is, well, plain. It's not trying to be anything it isn't, but that means it doesn't taste like much. I don't think I'd eat it on it's own, but it would do well mixed into a smoothie or as a recipe substitute. 


Arielle Gordon

This one isn't anything special, but it isn't bad. It isn't very sweet as it's flavored by strawberry-apple juice. It doesn't taste like apples and isn't overpowering that you can't eat it as a meal with other foods. Strawberry is a good flavor to pack for lunch to enjoy with a sandwich or salad. 

Halsa also offers four flavors of yogurt drinks, where plain is replaced by Concord Grape and mango becomes mango pear. Their products are available in many stores on the East Coast, but not in Colorado, yet.