Growing up, I was lucky enough to have an amazing mom who not only taught me important values and lessons I still hold on to today, but who was also one hell of a cook. Whether she was dropping me off at tennis practice or waiting for me to come home from school, she would always have some sort of meal or snack prepared for me. That being said, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for the roles to be reversed—what better way to pay homage to our mother’s life-long sacrifices than to cook her a meal?

We went around campus and asked our fellow mama’s boys (and girls) what they would cook for their mom this Mother’s Day.

Oscar Xia, Finance, Stern


“Guangzhou food because my mom hates American. Whenever we went out for American food, she would always order something small like a salad, and when everyone was full, she would go home and cook herself some chow fun.”

Mother's Day

Photo by Sunny Tang

Serena Chen, Pre-med, CAS


“I would definitely bake her something, like a chocolate cake with strawberries inside. Then completely smother it in some dark chocolate ganache.”

“Wow, seems like she loves chocolate.”

“Well my mom loves sweet stuff…actually my mom likes everything.”

Mother's Day

Photo by Sunny Tang

Lauren Weiss, Acting, Tisch


Pistachio biscotti.”

“Why so specific?”

“Because she loves pistachios, and she loves biscotti. So if those two could come together and taste good, then that would be perfect.”

Mother's Day

Photo by Sunny Tang

Carlin Jacala, Nursing, College of Nursing 

“I would cook her savory Filipino delicacies because she’s from the Philippines.”

“Anything in specific?”

Turón. It’s basically a plantain that you deep-fry and top with caramel. It’s crunchy on the outside!”