With Halloween around the corner, it’s about time to stop studying and do something that really matters: put together a bomb costume and binge on some candy. Halloween is one of few times when we’re encouraged to play another character or role. But before we shed our real identities as students and don on that Superman costume, why not treat ourselves to some good laughs in comparing some of our beloved Halloween candy to NYU majors and their widely held stereotypes?

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS): Reese’s

Halloween Candy

Photo courtesy of jellybeansnlollipop.com

The biggest, most popular school at NYU. Both CAS and Reese’s reign supreme when it comes to size and big-name.


Stern: 100 Grand Bar 

Halloween Candy

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Sternies are constantly looking for that Goldman Sachs’ position and all wanna be the next Wall Street big shot. Let’s face it, they’ll all be raking in the “100 Grand” at their entry-level jobs (ugh).


Tisch: Gushers 

Halloween Candy

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Seriously a performance in your mouth. We all have that Tisch friend who’s “bursting” with energy, ready for that day when he/she will be on Broadway.


Steinhardt: Jelly Beans

Halloween Candy

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When it comes to flavors, jelly beans pretty much expand the entire horizon. Similarly, Steinhardties are a wide range of majors, spanning from nutrition, applied psych, music, education, and nursing majors.


Gallatin: Kinder Chocolate

Halloween Candy

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Because these kids love to talk about foreign art films, what better pair than decadent German chocolate?


Liberal Studies Program (LSP): Runts

Halloween Candy

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The newest and most misunderstood school at NYU. You’d never choose a bag of Runts, but they’re actually pretty good.