First off, being a Nutrition major is awesome (even if we seem stressed 98% percent of the time). Secondly, we can bring so much to the table than just knowing how your body utilizes food. Which is still damn important, but let's begin.

1. We can cook.

pork, sauce, chicken, barbecue, baby back ribs
Cassidy Branco

At Kent State, for our Nutrition degree we are required to take a food study course. You heard that right we get to spend an entire semester learning about and MAKING food.

For example we had a class one day a week dedicated just to cuts of meats. Then in lab that day we made a bomb ass steak dinner like this one. Talk about #MarriageMaterial.

2. We are versatile. 

Jocelyn Hsu

Just like pasta, being a nutrition major literally allows me to be four different entities all at once. I am a counselor, chef, mathematician, role model and last but not least walking reference. All of these are necessary for the major but they obviously help with being a partner too.

We can counsel on your eating habits (when asked to), calculate all those lovely carbs that we all love so much. Also can be a model for those we are dating. My boyfriend had actually lost weight when we first started dating due to my every day habits. 

3. We've seen it all.

If there is anything that I have learned from counseling courses it's that people will eat anything. A couple professors have horror stories about people who have eaten pounds of bacon in one sitting. Needless to say that your eating habits won't scare us off.

Also, if anything we see all sorts of people in our major regardless if they are the workout-all-day-every-day type or those that just want to eat whatever they want whenever they want. We've met and have talked to so many different people, you shouldn't think we only hang out with gym rats. 

4. We know how to take a break.

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Caty Schnack

Hands down the most important trait a nutrition major brings to the table is not eating healthy 24/7. It's impossible—unless you already do that, in which case God bless you. In reality though, we take breaks from healthy eating and INDULGE.

Indulging can include cupcakes obvi, like these red wine cupcakes. However it also can be getting away for a weekend, taking a break from classes, or just having a 20 hour Harry Potter marathon. As long as I get to spend time with my partner, I would take a break washing dishes for all I care. It's all about checks and balances.

5. We're passionate.

wine, beer
Cassidy Branco

If there is one quality that makes us the best partners, it is our passion. Whether it is being passionate about food, education or career we have passion that makes us stick like glue to what and who we love.

My passion is nutrition education and taking care of people. Therefore you know my boyfriend is spoiled AF. If a partner lacks passion it makes for a boring relationship. Live passionately.