Just when we thought Dominique Ansel couldn’t come up with anything better than the Cronut, he gave us cookie shot glasses filled with milk. After that stunt, we were sure he was finished. But oh no, just in time for Nutella’s 50th anniversary, Ansel is partnering with the beloved hazelnut spread to bring us Nutella-stuffed Cronut holes. When they debut next Monday, the world will officially be a better place.

From 10am to 2pm on May 19 at the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza (between 23rd and 24th), Nutella will be throwing a Nutella-stuffed Cronut hole party, equipped with Dominque Ansel himself, Nutella samples, photo booths and live music. This event kicks off Nutella’s 16-city “Spread the Happy” truck tour, so look out for a big-ass Nutella truck roaming around your streets.

Warning: If you’re in the area next Monday and have someplace to be, avoid that 10-block radius at all costs. Given the hoards of people that line up for a frickin’ Cronut (still!), you won’t want to get caught in these masses. We, on the other hand, have nowhere else to be on a Monday morning, so we’ll be lining up for a taste of these babies. Follow us on Instagram to live vicariously.