As college students, the easiest way to cut corners when it comes to your morning routine is to not eat breakfast. But here at Spoon, we know breakfast is extremely important and should be consumed on as many occasions as possible, regardless of whether it’s morning.

This week’s #SpoonFeed photos showed us some crazy breakfasts that made us feel a little basic but hey, we’re down to learn from the best a.k.a you all. So bookmark this page for some inspiration, follow us on Instagram, and maybe just go ahead and make one or all of these things now…no need to wait until morning.

Potato, tofu, veggies and a fried egg? Clearly healthy doesn’t have to be all that boring. 

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Forget that pre-packaged crap. Broma Bakery’s got some homemade strawberry nutella Pop-Tarts you need to get, stat. Looking to make your own? Here’s a recipe for some Cinnamon Sugar Pop-Tarts to get you started.

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It’s a pancake…it’s a French toast stack…we’re not quite sure what it is but it’s amazing looking so who cares.

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‘Twas the morning after too good of night out when all through the restaurant, everyone was stirring because no one wanted to wait for this photo to be taken before devouring this breakfast taco.

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Spiderwebs are pretty when they’re made out of frosting instead of well, spiderwebs.

Meaty, cheesy, golden brown and crispy. The world should eat breakfast empanadas more often. And you can, too, because here’s a recipe. Don’t ever say we never did anything for you.

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We’re so glad we live in a time where donuts are expected to be this beautiful.

How come savory oats aren’t as popular? These look hella good.

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Oh you know, just some standard pancake toppings.

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Please please please tell us your step is to make some baller French toast out of this coconut chocolate banana bread.

Well after all that, our new month’s resolution is to take breakfast a little more seriously. The scientists probably know what’s up when they say it’s the most important meal of the day. Remember to follow us on Instagram, and definitely refer back to this page to a) drool and b) start planning your next meal.