In the midst of this unprecedented pandemic, our concept of what normal life is like is changing in ways like we've never seen. People are being ordered to stay inside their homes and quarantine (only venture out on essential trips), the media seems to only stream COVID-19 content, and we cannot connect to other humans in the ways we maybe took for granted before the virus hit.

But this should not cause us to neglect our health.

Many people are having to work online rather than at their desk. People are sitting on their couch rather than walking around the city to get lunch. Because we are in quarantine, we are restricted in our movements, especially if we don't live in areas with much land.

However, it is of the utmost importance that we focus on our mental and physical well-beings. It is paramount to take care of ourselves and promote positivity in these times of uncertainty and fear. 

Though there may seem to be an abundance of negativity, that is why it is even more on us to remain clear-headed and healthy. There is a silver lining to even the darkest of colors.

The future may be unknown, we may be separated from our friends and family, but we have something on our side right now: time. While time is usually getting away from us, now it is here for us to savor.

Time is precious, and it may just be the one thing on our side right now.

So, let's make the most of it. 

We all have an opportunity to refocus right now. To evaluate ourselves as individuals. To look at our health and how we feel. To better ourselves in these aspects. To make use of the time we have.

It is time to work on our health if we have neglected it and come out of this crisis ready to embrace society as it once was. I know it may be hard to find motivation to work out and eat healthy, as your bed is so accessible. Trust me, I understand. And it is certainly no crime at all to make use of the extra time we have by catching up on sleep and resting.

In fact, this is a way to improve one's health and get your mental and physical well-being in check. The human body thrives on restful sleep, so no need to fret if you sleep in an extra couple hours in your quarantine.

But when it is finally time to emerge from that comfortable cocoon of a bed, it's time to get down to it and work on your body.

At home workouts are seeing a spike during these times as people are unable to access their local gyms to workout. It's as simple as opening YouTube and searching "at-home workout". 

Everyone, we are blessed to see time pass more slowly as we battle this virus as a nation. Let's emerge better, stronger, and healthier than ever before. Let's embrace our extra time and transform into our healthiest selves. 

Quarantine means getting lean!