In my university life class during my freshman year of college, I was reminded that you need some form of protein in your meal in order to not only be full but for your overall health. For most people, they turn to meat as their source of protein within each meal. However, there are people that are vegan or vegetarian or people that want to be vegan or vegetarian that struggle to get the necessary amount of protein into their diet. If you don't have or eat meat, then you have no problem in the eyes of Dr. Praeger's. Here's what I mean.

The details 

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Praeger

With most food items, there has been some sort of shortage. You would know this if you see the shelves of the supermarket on any given day unless your local supermarket is good on stocking up like Trader Joe's is. But, for those of you that don't shop at Trader Joe's and have seen a meat shortage, this is where Dr. Praeger's comes into play. 

If you're wondering as to what Dr. Praeger's is, it is a frozen food company that's plant-focused. According to information that I was provided, Dr. Praeger's was founded "by two heart doctors has been a pioneer in the industry for over 25 years providing healthy meals with clean, recognizable ingredients and real vegetables from their New Jersey Manufacturing facility. They’re best known for the California Veggie Burger which is the top-selling frozen veggie burger in Whole Foods, their meat-alternative Perfect Burger launched this summer and the Vegetable Littles which are a cult-favorite among young kids despite being packed with vegetables. They make vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, Kosher, vegetarian, and fish options." Talk about an array of options and regards to dietary restrictions, that's for sure. There's something for nearly everyone, which if you think about it, is truly a wonderful thing because then, you don't have to ask everyone what their dietary restrictions are, although you should do that out of being thoughtful. 

With making any and all meals from Dr. Praeger's, what you do is keep them frozen in your freezer and you then throw them either in the oven, toaster oven or in the microwave when you're hangry and need to eat stat before you turn into a monster in your own mind. Dr. Praeger's website has an array of recipes, so you should definitely check them out if you're clueless about what to eat tonight. I know that choosing what to eat is a real struggle for me, and if my friend didn't know how to food shop for me when I'm not around, I'd be clueless.

Now that you know more about Dr. Praeger's and what they offer, it's time to find your local retailers of said Dr. Praeger's products. You can do this on their website, and it's super easy as for you only have to enter in your zip code, or your full address if you want to be uber specific. You can also find these products online using Instacart, Amazon, FreshDirect, Walmart, or Peapod, so that's always a plus in case you don't want to leave your apartment.