Kiss that double whip Frappuccino goodbye, because whipped cream is in short supply in the US. Ready-made whipped creams are tough to find these days thanks to a shortage of nitrous oxide. Following an explosion in late August at a nitrous oxide plant in Florida, fan favorites like Reddi-wip are almost impossible to find on supermarket shelves. 

A Conagra spokeswoman told Fox News there's a shortage of many of their whipped topping products. She adds that, "We are proactively managing the production of Reddi-wip, and are doing the best we can to make it available to as many consumers as possible."

Needless to say, Americans weren't pleased. 

While it sucks that we might not have our favorite whipped topping for our holiday pies, it's good to know that the nitrous oxide industry is prioritizing its medical use above all else. 

If you're desperate for a can of Reddi-wip, I'm sure you can find another whipped topping brand on the shelves. But buy your cans now, because the nitrous oxide shortage is affecting all whipped topping brands, not just our beloved Reddi-wip. The shortage is expected to last until mid-January 2017.

When in doubt, buy a carton of heavy cream and make your own whipped cream. It's really not that hard, people.