The entire summer I was camping in the woods with nothing more than a two burner stove. No running water, no blender, no waffle maker, and no oven. (Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved my summer job but dang I missed having a full kitchen). Now that I’m back at school and in a house again, I’m super excited to start making all of the recipes I saved over the summer! Below are a few I found that look delicious (disclaimer haven’t had time to try any yet) so let me know if you try them or if you have any more recommendations put them in the comments! 

Main Dishes 

Creamy Pesto Rigatoni

Rigatoni is one of those pasta types I always forget exist but really love, so I’m super excited to make this creamy pesto pasta! The added breadcrumb crunch is something I never do but really appreciate the nice texture it brings to the dish. 

Spinach artichoke pizza

Okay controversial take but pesto is supreme to marinara and I actually like artichokes on my pizza so this recipe sounds ~incredible~.

White bean salad

Herby and creamy this bean salad is definitely the type of salad I prefer. Pair kale or arugula and serve with a side of pita or other soft bread and you’re set for a well balanced tasty meal!


Floral Citrus Spritzer

Oh my goodness this drink just looks like it came out of a fairy tale wedding. Sparkling, orange, rosemary?? Hello to sunset beach nights!

Vietnamese iced coffee

Thanks to college I now have a coffee addiction and thanks to Spoon University I’m always on the hunt for new recipes so this is one I’m going to have to try…hopefully I can find an adequate vegan substitute for condensed milk because theres no way in heck my lactose intolerant self could handle that

Ginger Snap Smoothie

I’m a bit concerned by the amount of ginger in this recipe but it sounds like a perfect smoothie for fall….we’ll see. 


Savory Peach Tarts

I’m very intrigued by this fun savory take on what is normally a sweet dessert. The peach tarts are paired with ricotta (or sub vegan ricotta) and drizzled with an herby topping for a fun twist on a summer classic. 

Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream

This recipe speaks to all my sweet tooth cravings, I mean come on! Vegan ice cream with cookie dough chunks and extra chocolate?? Say less. 

Persian Love Cake

Dang doesn’t this look delicious? I’m not normally a cake person but image having a slice of this with a nice cup of tea on a cool fall evening…sigh. 

All of these recipes I found on The Good Trade, which is a super fun daily newsletter with recommendations for lifestyle, beauty, food, music, and more. They have a bunch of fun articles on the page and focus on inclusivity and sustainability which I love. (Not sponsored just think more people should know about them!)