Los Angeles vs New York a classic indisputable food battle. I decided to take the challenge, and instead of a trip around the world all I needed was a trip to Manhattan. Here are some highlights of the best of each cuisine.

Indian- Indian Accent

Tanya Soni

Indian Accent is not your typical Indian restaurant. Each dish offers a unique twist on Indian cuisine, and as their name implies the Indian ingredients and spices are simply an accent to the dish. The tasting menu is fabulous, but for those not ready to dish out, the a la carte offers equally interesting options. One of my favorites was a twist on saag which is a traditional North Indian dish made with spinach. The presentation of this dish makes it like a vegetable tart.

Japanese- Zuma

Tanya Soni

Forget Nobu, Zuma is the hottest contemporary Japanese restaurant in town. Zuma offers excellent sushi and sashimi among with other Japanese dishes in an informal dining style inspired by izakaya. Of course the food is amazing, but an excellent end to the meal is this exotic fruit platter with mango and guava sorbet. 

French- La Mercerie

Tanya Soni

The ambience of this cute French brunch spot is impossible to capture in photos. But trust me this place is not only Instagram able but an amazing experience. They offer classic French dishes in an easy way and every dish is fresh and unforgettable. The highlight for me was the fresh oysters that were just served with lemon allowing one to truly experience their flavor.

Italian- Marta

Marta's is not your everyday $1 slice New York pizza place but definitely a restaurant that I am going to go back to every time I am back in the city. Each pizza is crafted with the classic ingredients but fresh and somehow unique. Another bonus is their rosemary tonic, somehow the most refreshing paring with a pizza. I mean, what is pizza without soda?

American- Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer

Tanya Soni

Black Tap is one of the hottest spots in NY, not only for their delicious burgers but for their crazy milkshake creations. These milkshakes are definitely worth the wait and the gram. They are just as delectable as they look. A pro tip if you are just going to experience a milkshake come in the late afternoon once the lunch crowd has left. I went at 4pm and walked right in.

Chinese- Shanghai Cafe

Cynthia Lee

What is NY without dim sum. Located on the edge of Chinatown and Little Italy, Shanghai Cafe is the best place to get some quality dim sum without breaking the bank. From soup dumplings to turnip cakes, Shanghai Cafe has it all on top of efficient service and affordable pricing.

Middle Eastern- Halal Guys

burrito, chicken, rice, sauce, salsa, tacos, beef, chili
Alex Vu

 I know Halal Guys isn’t really a restaurant, but it defiantly is an essential part of the NY experience since it’s the birthplace of the middle eastern fast food. With a Halal Guys on almost every corner you can’t miss them. It's the perfect late night snack as most stands are open till 4 or 5 am. Be careful with the red sauce though, a little goes a long way. 

Ok you’re probably thinking, that’s a lot of restaurants, is all I’m gonna do in NY is eat? The answer is YES, but in case you’re in between meals, NYC has a lot to offer including some of the worlds best museums and shows. Maybe after all this food you can hit the gym, check out some of NY's best workout classes.