Michelin released its 2014 star ratings yesterday, more affectionately known as the list of restaurants we wish we could go to but can’t afford.

The government shutdown is real. The USDA is one of the branches of government that is facing the immediate effect. The USDA website is down but meat and poultry inspections are continuing since they are considered essential (well, we sure hope so). And the FDA is still inspecting products but with 200 employees on furlough.

Food News

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Last week, Guido Barilla, the CEO of Barilla Pasta, stated last week that “[He] would never do an advert with a homosexual family.” Good one, Guido. Snatching up the opportunity like fried raviolis Bertolli pasta touted its approval and love for gay people with this ad. Turns out there are some companies out there who understand not insulting what could be a significant demographic of people who buy your product.

Food News

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Urban Outfitters is opening an in-store coffee shop next week in Midtown. In case floundering in the sale section tires you out, you don’t even have to leave the store (at risk of you not coming back) to get your caffeine fix. The coffee shop will be serving Kickapoo Coffee and What’s next? An in-store bar/restaurant? Oh wait, yeah, the Williamsburg location is already working on that. This is what progress must look like.

Possibly the oldest foodie NYC is still dining to this day at 103 years old. He spends a $100 on dinner every night. His regular favorites include Cafe Boulud, Boulud Sud, Avra Estiatorio, and David Burke Townhouse. Ladies, he just came out of a six-month fling with a 90-year old woman and he is open to meeting someone who will join him on his daily dining excursions.