Photo by Eater

Oscar Meyer has a new epic product and an appropriately epic commercial to accompany it. The “Wake Up and Smell The Bacon” clock is an attachment that plugs into your phone and releases the smell of bacon in junction with the sizzling of your alarm. The best part, is that it is actually real. You can download the app but you have to enter a drawing to get the device. If anything, the existence of this new alternative alarm is worth it for the commercial, which is a marvel in itself.

Photo by The Daily Beast

Remember when Dominique Ansel made chocolate chip cookie shots but then was only bringing them to Texas.? Yeah, that sucked but it’s ok because he’s actually going to be bringing them to N.Y. and will be serving these ingenious milk vessels starting this Friday, March 14th and only after 3 p.m. This is good news because this means we can get them without having to wake up at 6 a.m. like people are apparently still doing for cronuts. Seth Meyers and Andy Samburg got to try them, and now it’s our turn. Bless you, Dominique

Photo by Lots Of Donuts

If you ever find yourself in Canada with a hankering for doughnuts, there’s a website for that. Lots of Donuts is a website created by Pilot Design and  features an informative and interactive medium for learning about Canada’s favorite doughnuts, Tim Horton’s doughnuts (the company claims to have absolutely no association with Tim Horton’s at the bottom of the page but we have our doubts). The website is titled as a “curated anthology” however we know better that this is more or less well intentioned “propaganda” (enthusiasm) of doughnut culture and cuisine in Canada. Tim Horton’s has been an institution since 1964 and Canadians believe that doughnuts are a national icon,  perhaps even more so than we may think they are here. Anyways if we’re going to be interested in the history of something, it’s probably going to be the history of doughnuts. (Bonus: the website also teaches you how to properly order coffee in Canada!)

Photo by Peter Menzel

Check out what people of different lifestyles are eating all around the world.  What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets is a book by Peter Menzel who hopes that observing what others eat around the world will put in perspective our own eating choices and may even help us choose more wisely. On the topic of inspiring people to change, Menzel says, “you can’t really tell people what to think or what to deal with, you’ve got to let them figure it out themselves.” Shout out to the NYU student who is a model and eats an average of 2400 calories a day.


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