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A Tribeca citizen went on what reads a little like Sherlock Holmes story in pursuit of the kitchen behind a string of false addresses for a number of Asian restaurants operating under Grubhub Seamless (now one company). The curious consumer first supposed something suspicious when a new restaurant, Joe’s Noodles, listed an apartment building as its address. After numerous phone calls and google searches she found that Lily’s Japanese and Chinese Restaurant was at the tip of the triangle and has apparently been fielding orders from three other false websites/phone numbers. As more investigation into the matter is being done, more and more phony restaurants are being discovered.

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Girl Scout Cookies are in season and girl scouts are out selling their wares while supplies last. One girl scout, Danielle Lei, should be getting her “Business Savvy” badge soon on account of her setting up shop outside of a marijuana dispensary, The Green Cross, in San Francisco. She sold 117 boxes of cookies in two hours, compared to the 37 she sold the day before in front of Safeway and her mom considers it an important lesson on business in the context of environment. The Girl Scouts of Northern California have given their blessing while ironically the Girl Scouts of Colorado (which recently legalized recreational marijuana) have denounced the idea that they would ever let their Girl Scouts sell their cookies in front of marijuana clinics or liquor stores/bars.

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Maxim Marketing, the middle man company from Southern California who has been producing Trader Joe’s ubiquitous peanut butter-filled pretzels for 25 years (odd because Trader Joe’s claims to bypass middle men) is suing Trader Joe’s in an anti-trust suit. The company claims to have invented the product and Trader Joe’s recent switch to ConAgra as its primary peanut-butter filled pretzel producer has incited the suit. ConAgra owns most of the factories equipped to produce these special snacks so the switch makes sense business-wise. But Maxim Marketing isn’t so ready to be tossed aside after two and a half decades of dedication to filling pretzel nuggets with peanut butter.

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100$ million richer, Paula Deen is making a self-declared comeback. In witty reference to her internet presence, one could also say “she is back in the saddle.” Her new company Paula Deen Ventures whose intent, Grub Street reports, is “for Deen to move away from the licensing model — wherein she’s paid in exchange for permission to put her name on things like glasses and mattresses.” Instead, she is venturing to make products that are exclusively hers such as these five varieties of finishing butter. With one more set of apologies behind her, it’s about time we let Paula Deen embrace herself once again as one more person to blame for our societal culinary woes.