As the end of January approaches, many of us are about one month into our New Year’s Resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to eat a healthier diet, yet it seems to be one of the hardest ones to keep up. Here’s some advice from your favorite Friends characters on how to actually eat clean this 2017.

1. Make manageable goals.

“I’m going to eat more healthily this year” is a great overall goal, but what does that really entail? Instead, set a more attainable goal such as eating an extra serving of fruits and vegetables every day or eating less processed foods. 

2. Add in exercise.

It might seem more manageable to work on one thing at a time – such as healthy eating or exercising. However, it's actually more effective to eat better and increase exercise at the same time

3. Chart your progress.

Create a daily food log, keep track of how much water you drink, and write down your exercise. You have to know what you're eating so you know what to change. Take your log seriously, keep it organized, and decorate it however you like – just as Monica would. 

4. Don’t label certain foods as “off limits.”

When you ban certain foods from your diet it's natural to want that specific food even more. You might feel like you've failed when you give in to the craving. Instead, focus on clean foods that you want to eat more. 

5. Cook more of your own meals.

Channel your inner Chef Monica and cook more of your meals at home. Don't want to buy loads of groceries or spend too much on food you won't use? Here's how to make a week's worth of lunches with just 10 ingredients.

6. Keep healthy foods within reach.

We tend to eat things that are in sight or within reach, even when we're not hungry. To minimize unhealthy, unnecessary snacking, keep a bowl of fresh fruit on your counter instead of a plate of cookies (or a box of pizza, as Joey would).

7. Don’t reward yourself with dessert.

It's tempting to congratulate yourself after a day of healthy eating with a brownie or a sugar-filled dessert. However, this treat essentially reverses your day’s worth of hard work. Find other ways to reward yourself, like a nice Chandler-style bubble bath.

8. Find friends to support you and keep you accountable.

Social support is incredibly important. Having someone to check in with daily or weekly makes it harder break promises that you’ve made to yourself and your partner. Plus, sharing a success with a friend is all the more fun.

But most importantly, be patient! Cleaning up your diet is no easy feat, so don’t get discouraged by setbacks. The whole process will be much easier and more fun if you go through it with a friend who will be there for you.